Two Parks, Two Days---Disneyland and California Adventure

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Yesterday I was able to visit Disneyland and California Adventure as a guest, for the very first time. I must say that anything told to myself about the park was magnified ten fold. This park is so much more than the TV commercials or hearsay, it really is MAGICAL.

I had the lucky opportunity to meet up with some fellow College Program members and hang out in the park. Also they had been there before, except for one other girl, so basically I had a first class tour of everything. Oh and it was raining yesterday so the crowds were light.

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters: 15 Min. Wait
This ride is very entertaining and I love the themeing. I especially love the fact there's a "Magical" Etch A Sketch! I could ride this all day long! 10/10

Star Tours: 15 Min Wait
Really great theming for this ride, and I love how C3-PO greets you at the entrance. This is probably the best motion simulator I have been on. 10/10

Space Mountain: 25 Minute Wait
I love this ride, the theming is great and being completely in the dark is awesome. Nice pops of air and good speed. 10/10

Finding Nemo: 20 Minute Wait
This ride is really great for families, and I found it funny. I love the incorporation of movie scenes and the like. 10/10

Big Thunder Mountain: 15 Min. Wait
This ride was not at all what I expected. It's like CCMR but better, and a lot better theming! Very fun and some surprising twists. 10/10

Haunted Mansion: 10 Min. Wait
I've seen some advertisement for this ride, but yet again it did not do the ride justice. I love how they have the "hitchhiking" ghosts and how the attractions hosts play along into the show. "There are others, Dying to come join you" or "Please step to the DEAD center of the room" Good job Disney! 10/10

Splash Mountain: 10 Min. Wait
Even though it was wet and chilly, we braved the wilder side and rode on Splash. Love the whole theming of this ride as well, especially love the Zip-edee-do-dah song! 10/10

The group split up and I decided to head over to Disney's California Adventure to check out the scenery and possibly get on some big rides.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: 5 Min. Wait
The rain must have scared people away or it could have been the fact the park was closing in about an hour, but whatever I got on the ride and LOVED IT. By far the best drop ride I have ever been on, and I love how short the line was. 10/10

Overall Disney experience: 100/100.

Day II started out in California Adventure and took me back over to Disneyland to pick up some other rides.

California Screamin: 15 Min. Wait-Front Seat
For the first time being on this coaster, I had to do it in style and ride in the front. It was awesome, and very smooth! Also there was a few nice pops of airtime. 10/10

Screamin: Back Seat 10 Min Wait
Of course on a coaster like this you have to ride the back too, and I'm glad I did. Even better in the back. 10/10

Muholland Madness: 10 Min. Wait
I love being a single rider, the lines move quicker! This is a really great wild mouse type ride. I love how unique this ride was and is. 9/10

Grizzly River Run: 5 Min. Wait
I love the fact that Disney offers 2 hours of free locker rental while you go on this ride. I would say I was a bit crazy going on this today with it being chilly and rainy, but whatever I'm from Ohio and I'm used to the weather being like this. The ride was really fun, but I ended up getting drenched from head to toe. 10/10

Onto Disneyland:
Walked in just as the parade was ending so that was really cool.

Matterhorn: 20 Min. Wait
I believe I rode on the Fantasyland side of the coaster, not to sure what side is what. But I can say this ride was very fun and unique. 10/10

Mad Hatter Tea Cups: 1 ride cycle wait
This ride has great capacity, but it probably would have been better riding with more people. Anyhow this ride was really fun and I loved being able to spin around like crazy! 10/10

Day II stats: 100/100

Disney takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary!

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Great to hear you had a good time, nothing like a trip to DL.
Disneyland is amazing!

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~

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