Two months after DreamVision announcement, nothing actually happens

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The DreamVision Company released plans for a multi-billion dollar theme park in the Shoals on February 11. Since then, nothing else has been said. Executives announced more details were to follow, such as when and where that park would be. Two months later, silence. That’s according to city leaders in the Shoals.

Read more from WHNT/Huntsville.

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This leaves room for a new Charmland.

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No matter how far they end up trying to take this, I've been enjoying the ride. My favorite part is still from the Texas press conference when they had Malcolm Clulow who they said they'd hired to do their indoor snow engineering. He then got to the podium and said, "I really don't know anything about this project."

Some might say that this is a scam looking for a mark, but of course this is a thoroughly thought out project, complete with reasonable and attainable financial projections and marketing material that is professional and persuasive.

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I expect to see a future newspaper headline that reads, "Investors Sue DreamVision in Theme Park Scam Case."

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I am shocked, shocked to learn this.

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I won't submit another news item, but, wait for it... six months later and nothing has happened.

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From the article:

“You still run into people periodically who have a little money invested in it, and that’s about all we’ve heard lately.”

Suckers!!! Little money is correct. Probably bigger money when it started. Hahahaha

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