Two die in India on pendulum ride that failed during operation

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Two people have been killed and dozens injured after a theme park ride snapped in half mid-air. Video footage shows the metal arm of the packed ride break as it swings in the air in Ahmedabad, India.

Read more from The Sun.

I swear I saw something similar several weeks back. I don't remember the details though. Is this a second one that failed in a similar manner or is it just a delay in reporting?

Edit: Apparently it is a different incident. Here is the other video I saw. Good lord.

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Yes. Sadly two different, albeit similar, accidents.

One of the European ride builders used to have general plans of their rides on their website. It as great for the model builders. They no longer do that, and this is why. There is now a lot of knock off rides that are falling apart because of the people building them really have no idea what they are doing.

Holy hell. This is horrific.

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I wonder if the designers of these rides that are failing will be held to the same amount of responsibility as the people who "winged it" with Verruckt.

Other sites have mentioned that the accident in India has already led to 6 arrests.

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