Two Cedar Point Questions Before I Leave...

Leaving (but not on a jet plane) tomorrow for my weekend at Kennywood and Cedar Point.

Hoping one or more of our resident CP mavens can answer the following questions:

1. What rides are currently opening for early entry on Sundays?

2. With a Platinum Pass from Kings Dominion, do I get scanned at the gate turnstiles or do I have to go through Guest Relations?


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I cannot answer #1 but I do have a Kings Dominion Platinum Pass and it scans like a normal Cedar Point pass at all gates of entry. Have a good trip!

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It's a little tricky to find on the website, but I searched and found it on the resorts page: Ocean Motion, Midway Carrousel, Raptor, WindSeeker, Millennium Force, Iron Dragon, Maverick and Planet Snoopy.

Not all rides are open during HalloWeekends Friday nights, but since you're going on a Sunday you should be fine.

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They also had TTD open last weekend for early entry. I did not see Ocean Motion operate at all in the mornings, but I also wasn't in that area much.


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Top thrill has been open for most mornings. However, it has inconsistency in getting running in colder weather. So, as the year progresses, it's less likely that it will be running first thing in the morning. That's probably why they don't list it as one of the regular rides.

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You can probably count on MF, Raptor and Maverick.

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Ditto to what Jason said. From a park operations point of view, Dragster is staffed and gets ready to go ASAP. It usually opens at some point during early entry, but isn't listed as one of the early entry rides. Mostly because of its sketchy opening issues. I always keep an eye on it during my Maverick or Millennium runs and head toward Dragster if I see trains running up and over the tower.

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It's pretty easy to see if they start testing Dragster early... which they have been doing. We walked on to the platform last Sunday at 9:50 am.

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How did you manage that? The park opened at noon and the early entry was at 11am.

Was it a season pass thing?


Yes, it was a pass holder appreciation day. There was Dragster ERT starting at 10AM.

My mistake . It was the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. I lost a week somewhere...

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Another reason they shouldn't serve alcohol in parks. :P


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