Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion.

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Twisted Timbers is a Hybrid Steel Coaster on a Wooden Frame.
Oh boy this sure is one fast coaster. You go upside down 3 times.
But you don’t feel like you are upside down. Because you go so fast 54 MPH.
I just love the layout of the Coaster. The Train car is an old type of Car.
I rode it in the front seat. And I liked following the track. They do take your picture on Twisted Timbers. You can’t have any loose items while on the coaster. But there’s Lockers next to Twisted Timbers. And it’s only $2.00 for 2 hours. And you create your own Combination. You have to put your stuff in a locker or with a none rider. I really love the air time and there’s lots of air time on Twisted Timbers coaster. In fact you feel like you are coming out of your seat. Oh there’s lots & lots of twists and turns. And lots of humps. At the entrance of Twister Timbers there’s an old car. And you also see old tracker, truck, car & as you go up the stairs to the train you see a tracker up high.
Twisted Timbers Coaster is a must ride. I rate Twisted Timbers 10 out of 10.

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Thanks for the TR and review. I'm looking forward to (one day) getting to ride it. We really appreciate taking the time for correct grammar and spelling around here.

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Good TR! It's an easy 10 out of 10 in my book too. We rode I305 after and it might even be more intense than that, and I love that ride. El Toro and Lightning Rod are the 2 off the top of my head that are more intense.

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More intense than I-305? I-305 is #1 on my list of the most intense coasters I've ridden, with Skyrush coming in at #2. Anyway, I wasn't all that excited about Twisted Timbers but now that I've seen videos and read reports I'm enthusiastic about getting to ride it two weeks from now. I wish I'd known it was going to be that good or I would have done things differently. This year, for the 1st time, I bought a Cedar Fair season pass and I purchased it through the Kings Island website b/c I'd already booked a flight to Cincinnati and I really wasn't expecting to go to a Cedar Fair park until the end of April. The voucher I printed out says that it has to be redeemed at the park where I bought it; in the meantime I've booked a trip to Richmond for Twisted Timbers so I'll probably have to pay full price to get into the park despite having purchased a Cedar Fair season pass. I wonder whether there's any way to get around this.


I’m sure if you called KD and/or KI and explained the situation they would be able to help. Someone on another forum swears up and down that you don’t have to process a Platinum Pass at the park it was purchased through.

But then again, what do I know?

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I'm trying to wrap my mind around how this ride could even come close in intensity to I-305. What part of it is so intense?

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Bobbie1951 said:

I'd already booked a flight to Cincinnati...

Bobbie, if you take your voucher to guest services they should be able to exchange it for a KD one. I’ve done this before by taking my CP voucher to KI.

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I suppose some people judge airtime and g-force as being in the same spectrum of intensity. To me, intensity=G-Force. Particularly positive g-force. Now I have only had the one ride on TT so far and it was cold on passholder night but I'd say I have had more forceful airtime on Lightning Run and Storm Chaser. There was just a lot more of it on TT. I dunno, I don't feel it's super intense but maybe that's just me.

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Airtime can indeed be intense. I recently rode Twisted Colossus in the back row, and yeah, that airtime was intense. Very violent and tosses you right into the restraint. Borderline painful.

And lets not get started on Magnum.

No, let's do. Magnum has never bothered me in that regard and it’s still one of my favorite rides on the planet. That return run with the coat hanger transitions makes me laugh out loud every time, not cry in pain. I smh at those guys, usually people that weren’t even born when Magnum debuted, that insist the ride should be made over, at the very least with new trains.

I think Lightning Rod and Storm Chaser are tied as the most intense airtime-filled rides I’ve experienced. Runners up would be Lightning Run and Skyrush. And all four deliver the kind of unrelenting pacing that seems to be a popular trend in coasters these day. I don’t find that type of action particularly painful, but maybe as I age it’s more exhausting than anything.
I’ve yet to ride, but Twisted Timbers seems more like a ride that has great airtime moments, not unlike the original, but without the sense of getting beat up about it. It’s interesting to note that RMC goes across the board with their conversions. Some rides, like this one and Steel Vengeance, have stayed very close to the footprint and overall groove of the original. Other rides, like Wicked Cyclone, bear little resemblance. Then Storm Chaser is kind of half and half. (And half of the original...) At any rate, I’ve yet to experience an RMC conversion that didn’t deliver a thrilling and overall better version of itself.

I’ll reserve judgement for SFoG, but I’m not beating a path to that one, so it may be a while. Of all of the new rides for ‘18 I’m less than enthused about that one. It already had a great layout and with the right kind of speed behind it had the potential to deliver spectacular forces of every kind. Something makes me wish RMC had just re-tracked the ride and let the smoothness of a steel track bring that coaster as close to it’s original glory as possible.

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RMC did retrack that ride, well portions of it at least.

I was referring to a full iron horse conversion, but using exactly the same profile as the original. It was a good layout to begin with.

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Agreed. That may be the conversion I’m least excited about. It’s like half of the original, and the original was actually a pretty fantastic ride. Judgment is reserved about how it compares to the original until I ride it, but I wouldn’t rule out it being somewhat of a downgrade.

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