Twisted Colossus on-ride POV...looks crazy

Some POV footage from the backseat of the new Twisted Colossus at Magic Mountain...Looks to be a hit...lots of pops of airtime and the dueling maneuvers look insane.

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Looks great! Unfortunately, that particular POV is about as unwatchable as they come. (And looks to be illegal too. I'm surprised they didn't stop the ride.)

Guess I'll have to stoop to the usual depths to find a good POV.

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Inserting my usual lack of understanding about what is so fascinating about POV.

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This thing looks amazing. I love the barrel-roll-over-the-other-train, and the one looks almost like it travels upside down for a bit. My wife and I went to SoCal and SFMM in 2003. This might be the coaster that makes me want to go back.

But then again, what do I know?

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I was not expecting a ride so... so .... awesome.

(Insert funny signature here.)

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guess I never really got that the train was actually going to go up the lift hill's weird. But they did a great job with the timing, the blue side chain is faster and catches up with the green side, and the rest of the ride is surprisingly synchronous.

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Looks like a lot of fun. Something interesting that I noticed, all of the footage I found of the actual ride looks exactly like the computer animation if you squint a little. lol

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Looks great, but don't even ask me why because I don't really know but it just seems to be missing something. It's really just drop, high five, barrel roll, turn, repeat. But it's still long. My brain seems confused by this ride. Still looks insane. Jeff is right though. POVs do no justice to the feeling of the ride.

CarolinaNick 15, every review/post in FB e,t,c, I have read so far calls Twisted Colossus a Top 10 ride in the World.

Here are some images from Media Day, the ride looks simply beautiful

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It defiantly looks amazing. Probably rides amazing too. Shows that there is a little hope for Thunder Road, though it's probably going to get bulldozed.

Looks like a blast. I love that section where the two trains switch back and forth into two really quick overbanked turns/inversions. Absolutely nuts, and usually I don't feel POV does a ride justice, but I really got the feeling of how wild this ride gets at times. Makes my heart start taching away with excitement. *sigh*

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Would like to make it to Cali in the future to try this out. Looks like a blast, and more reasons older wooden coasters should get this treatment.

Wonder when they'll bring back reverse trains....

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