Tv shows/ movies and their effects on Amusement Parks

So, I will admit, that recently I have been watching Glee and noticed quite a few mentions of Kings Island. My guess is that maybe at some point the show may have an episode there.Then going back over some off the podcast on here I notice that one episode said that Kings Island was one of the most searched for pages from google when that podcast was made. So it made me wonder, did Glee have any part in that. It also made me wonder if movies or television shows may bring the non-euthiast to a park or keep them away? For example would the classic movie Rollercoaster or Jaws 3 keep them from visiting a park where as would Glee, the Brady Bunch, Adventureland or even the proposed Magic Kingdom Keepers movies bring more people to the parks?

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I doubt it would ever happen, but I'd like to see that family from the Middle take a trip to Holiday World.

I thought the only place Jaws 3 kept people from going was the movie theater.

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Somewhat on topic but I wonder how many parks who had actually turned down the chances to be featured in a movie or on TV?

Kennywood saying NO to Rollercoaster is the first one that comes to mind. Some old timers in Denver over the years have told me that Elitch Gardens had turned down the chance to be seen in both Dynasty and Mork & Mindy while the long defunct Phoenix theme park legend City took a pass to be seen on the old Linda Lavin show "Alice".

Take this with a grain of salt but according to some postings that I have seen in the past on those TV trivia sites the old Norman Lear sitcom "One Day at a Time" , there was a script writtened that had Bonnie Franklin and her two girls visiting Kings Island..but the city of Indianapolis raised hell about it since the show was based in that city and not Cincinatti so as a result that episode was never filmed. Myself I kinda question that one though.

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Some old timers in Denver over the years have told me that Elitch Gardens had turned down the chance to be seen in Dynasty...

Hmmm, Joan Collins and Linda Evans b****slapping each other, oops I mean catfighting, on a rollercoaster. Talk about a ratings draw!

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Chriscub said:
Some old timers in Denver over the years have told me that Elitch Gardens had turned down the chance to be seen in both Dynasty and Mork & Mindy...

This is interesting, considering that the park allowed the whole Three Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain movie, one of the worst-rated of all time, to be filmed there.


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High Noon at Mega Mountain is so horrible that it's awesome.

How bad is it? Watch just 20 seconds.

Yeah, that bad. But...

It gets even worse.

I'm not too proud to admit that I've sat through this movie multiple times...because I have.

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^ "I'm on my way to the bank" gets me every time. Hilarious.

Since it's release I must have heard people talk about Final Destination 3 in queue lines over 20 times, usually in a "at least it won't be like FD3" sort of way.

Rollercoaster is fun to watch simply because an era of days gone by in amusement parks is shown in such detail.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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I've never seen nor heard of this movie, however I'm finding it extremely difficult to believe that a film with talent like Hulk Hogan, Loni Anderson, and Jim Varney could be bad. Special effects are stellar as well.

I think the park was desperate for money when they signed on for the 3 Ninjas movie. The park was sold while they were shooting the movie. I remember watching the news and the reporter was standing in front of the Mega Mountain sign on the entry pavilion.

When I worked at the park, my training coordinator would play that movie for the new ride ops while they were waiting for rides orientation to start.

Dave Dragon, go Dave Dragon, and the Star Force Five!

I would watch Loni Anderson teach an insurance seminar if she wore that outfit. :)

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I'm more of a Bailey man, but YMMV.


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Neither of them were as sexy as Herb's sport coats.

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When I was a kid I wanted hair like Andy's.

For real.

My parents should've smacked me for even thinking that.

And did you want to dress like Venus? Now that would be a smackable offense.

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Did you want Andy's ass-hugger jeans, too?


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Watching that made me really miss Jim Varney. He was a genius, even in this.

You know, 3 Ninjas Mega Mountain isn't really that bad, is it. I watched the link that Gonch provided for much longer than 20 seconds. :)

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Kpjb, I really didn't need to see that. Haha!


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