T.V. show on tonight

Saturday, July 20, 2002 7:41 AM
Tonight at 8:00 central time there is a show on PBS (channel 11 here) titled Great Old Amusement Parks. Enjoy!

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Saturday, July 20, 2002 10:31 AM

I saw that show before. I wanted to record it but caught it at my friends house. They have alot of smaller parks on it.

The only park I remember on it is Lakemont Park.

Knoebels visits in 2002. 6

Saturday, July 20, 2002 10:37 AM
Kennywood was on there to, with The world's greatest coaster, Steel Phantom! Yeah it's an older show, but amusing! ( pun indended)

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Saturday, July 20, 2002 11:16 AM
I saw it here a couple days ago, they had LAKESIDE!!! It was great...gotta love them old parks!!! Thanks for telling us it will be on again, I didn't get to record it the first time...
Saturday, July 20, 2002 1:25 PM
I just saw the commercial for it here and they were showing alot of CP rides.

Deja Vu Count = 18

Saturday, July 20, 2002 5:15 PM

Man I missed it by about 2 hours.

Oh well there's always tomorrow night on discovery channel and I'm not going to miss that.

Saturday, July 20, 2002 5:43 PM
It's about 8:45 central time, and the show isn't on PBS.
Saturday, July 20, 2002 6:01 PM
I just got done watching it. It was pretty cool. When did Raven get the ratcheting lapbars as opposed to the single position?


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Saturday, July 20, 2002 6:31 PM
Just a little FYI for those who missed it, it's on again Sunday at 1:00 PM Central!

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Sunday, July 21, 2002 8:01 PM

Each PBS station makes up there own programing lineup. If it was not on in your area. Go to www.pbs.org and enter your station it will show the next time it is on. For people in the WQED viewing area it is 8/8 9:00 PM.


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