TV Alert 11-30-2011

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Ok, so most of you probably won't be able to view this on TV. But, Daily Planet! will be talking about Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland tonight at 7pm on Discovery Channel. The problem is, it appears to only be aired in Canada. However, they also appear to post the episodes the day after they air.

This link should take you to today's episode starting tomorrow sometime.

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Just watched the episode. Interesting that it was mentioned that they had to find a way to fit the coaster in rather than saying that it had been designed around other attractions in the park. Makes me wonder if the rumors were true that it was originally destined for somewhere else.

Neat to actually see how they measured the angles and rigged it to make it fit together properly.

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Somewhere else as in another park or elsewhere in this park?

Bring in RCT to figure out where we can drop this ride.....

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Word on the street is that this was meant for Knotts. ( I have no idea how they could fit this....)

Knotts has lots of room. A lot of what the public doesn't see is the dozen or so warehouses that were part of the now departed food business. Most of them are used for storing everything concerning Haunt. Plus they own land on the other side of Western Ave which is currently used for employee parking, as well as on the next block up (behind the Claimjumper) where the horse stables are (which is next to the former Hurlbut property).

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Ahhhh, you're right. I just binged Knotts and it does look like they have room to expand. Well this feeds the rumor even more....

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^ Are 300ft coasters really that easy to switch between parks mid-way through the planning phase?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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