TV Alert - Ride Safety

Sunday, May 1, 2005 3:29 AM
Thought I'd pass this along because it's pretty easy to miss.

If you get The Science Channel, watch for the weekly show they do called "Discoveries This Week" - there is a short segment that runs about 6 minutes long covering ride safety.

It leans more towards fair/carnival rides and situations but uses the term 'amusement park' quite liberally.

The whole thing has a surprisingly positive spin and presents some cool facts and shots of flats in action along with soundbites from various folks.

My favorite bit comes from David Bedner, General Manager, Canadian National Exhibition:

“…this can be difficult for some parents, but really, the most important thing is to follow the rules. The ferris wheel behind me, for example, has a warning not to rock the chair. Well, if it says don’t rock the chair or if it has a certain height restriction and your child isn’t quite high enough…don’t argue…the rules are there to protect you. So if it says keep your hand on the bar – keep your hand on the bar! And, you’ll be riding safely.”

(his emphasis, not mine :) )

The show should run a couple of times on Sunday and once or twice again on Monday. After that, it'll be a new show.

The segment is on 20 or 25 minutes into the show. There is some stuff about a large asteroid hitting the Earth before it (it's not "if", it's "when" style stuff) and about messages we've sent into space to try to communicate with possible extraterrestrial life that is entertaining enough, I suppose.

At any rate if you're geeky enough to have (and actually watch) The Science Channel, there's a nice positive story on ride safety.

EDIT - added link to show's page :)

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