TV ALERT - NOV 10 on Science Channel

The Science Channel is having a coaster special on friday NOV 10 @ 10pm. It is titled "Everything You Need to Know." Basic description goes like

"There's a lot more to roller coasters than just
hanging on and screaming. See all the different
space-age technologies used to propel today's
coasters. Find out if riding a roller coaster can be
good for your health."

Yeah,I saw an ad for it back on friday night myself during their "discoveries this week" program.

It's only gonna be a halfhour show,<the next episode deals with fireworks> but I still plan to watch it anyway.

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This ran back on 8/16 on Discovery.

The only reason I know is that it's still on my DVR. :)

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I have it set on my DVR, Thanks.

Chris Knight

Did anyone have a chance to record/port it onto a computer, and if so, does anyone have a download link? ;)

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It hasent come yet but is the sciense channel the same is SCI-FI?

AWWW MAN! I want this but we dont get teh Sciense cannel

someone please record it and upload it to put file or youtube! thanks!

The Science Channel is part of the Discovery Digital suite, it has nothing to do with the Sci-Fi Channel.

Yep,Jim S is need digital cable in order to get science channel.

Funny thing is I don't recall discovery channel doing any coaster shows this year....the only coaster show that was on this years was "supercoasters" on national geographic channel.

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