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Wednesday, May 21, 2003 1:15 PM
I posted a topic about this earlier but it seems it didn't appear. Oh well. On to business.

Liseberg has a remarkable new ride called Balder. You get lots of airtime here. Still I was a little disappointed by it. It's just marginally better than the really old and fine woodies at Bakken, Tivoli Gardens and Linnanmäki. I personally find the flat ride close by called Spinrock to be more kickin'. I'm not going to go on about this and that. Liseberg is the best park in northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland).

Tusenfryd. Now this was my major disappointment of this trip. Thundercoaster totally sucked. This is without a question the worst coaster I have been on. I have heard so much good about it but... The airtime wasn't there, at all. And the second drop? Wasn't it supposed to be something special? By the way this park has a water coaster (extremely wet) and a space shot and that's about it. If someone else has been to Tusenfryd this year, do tell me if you share my opinion. This park does not deserve a visit!

Note: I had read ECC's First Drop article and some other things. I am questioning if the ride was better?

Rode Balder about 20 times (had queues of 5 minutes early/late and 60 minutes at most)
Rode Thundercoaster 3 times, none pleasing me.

I was at Liseberg May 2nd and 3rd and Tusenfryd May 4th.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2003 1:56 PM
I must say Blader looks like a great ride. I was following its construction although it's unlikely I'll ever get the oportunity to ride it. :(

Kevin Stone
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