tunnels of love

i have allways seen tunnels of love, in tv shows and movies, but yet to come across one in person.


if anyone has ever been on one of these classic cheesy dark rides, what was it like?, and is there any tunnels of love around today that anyone knows of?

lol this is something i have allways wondered about lol since i allways have seen them in movies and such. *** Edited 8/11/2006 3:00:07 AM UTC by PCW***

There is a similar ride at Kennywood. It is now themed to Garfield, however. The ride was never really officially called the "Tunnel of Love," but many people knew it by that name. It is also very well known as the "Old Mill."

Jeff Young
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I absolutely HATE what they've turned that ride into. The Old Mill was classic.

Also, there's a sex-themed tunnel of love in Australia called "The Gerbil". True story.

lol yes i know of the old mill at kenny wood and have heard nothing but negitive reviews for the garfield theme
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Also, there's a sex-themed tunnel of love in Australia called "The Gerbil". True story.

It's not a old mill. Pics and info here:


I don't think I want to know what the "entrance portal" for a gerbil looks like.
I seriously almost just bought a plane ticket to Australia. Where's the POV?!


lmao most interesting dark ride around i would have to say
The entrance portal of "The Gerbil" sounds hideous enough. I don't even want to THINK about how you exit!


The Garfield theming at KW might turn many of us off but the GP seems to like it. The lines are much longer than in the Old Mill days. Of course, this ride might be rethemed again sometime in the future.

Arthur Bahl

You know, back in the day, when tunnels of love were popular, probably the farthest anyone dared to go was a chaste kiss.

I shudder to think what might happen on these rides if a new one was built today. They might as well make the ride vehicle a king-sized bed.

Ooh, it'd be funny if there was a big two-way mirror where passers-by could see inside the tunnel of love... but you wouldn't know about it until you exited the ride.

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Many amusement rides were designed to "throw people together". In an age where any form of PDA was frowned upon, the forced contact from amusement rides was an extra-special added attraction.

I still think that amusement parks are great first date locations. ;)

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Mamoosh said:
It's not a old mill. Pics and info here:

Yeah, I know it's not an Old Mill. Would be really strange if it was, wouldn't it?

However, they're still billing it as a "tunnel of love". It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

The Iowa State Fair (which is now going on) has one. It is pretty cheesy. I think it goes by Ye Old Mill or something like that.

Skol Vikings
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Throwing people together -- That's what those old classic coasters did and still do. KWs Thunderbolt does this in spades. No seat divider and it has those intense lateral g forces. Also the Wild Mouse coasters do this with their sharp turns.

Lots of flat rides do this as well -- Scramblers and Roll-O-Planes are especially good at this as are fast spinning rides such as Music Expresses/Himalayas. That's also the reason that the Conneaut Lake Tumble Bug is better than the one at Kennywood. You can slide around and get squashed together on the Conneaut Bug with its smooth seats.

Some of the old funhouses had stunts that did this as well. The Steeplechase Pavilion of Fun was known for this. Unfortunatly, overzealous lawyers have spoiled much of the fun.

Arthur Bahl

The entrance to the River Caves at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a "Tunnel of Love". The rest of the ride is themed to various crap from around the world. There's an Egypt section, and all kinds of other random stuff. There is also one themed to dinosaurs at Southport. They are very interesting rides to me; not very thrilling, but an interesting glimpse into how rides were "back in the day".

Oh God, Garfield's Nightmare is horrendous! Lol!

Hopefully when HW expands again with Valentine's Day I'll finally get to ride one of these.
Tivoli in Denmark has an Old Mill, I cannot remember what they called it.

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