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Saturday, July 30, 2005 11:10 PM
Ok this is a trip report that lasted over a course of 2 weeks, the title just adds my main reason for going. In all I went to Cedar Point, SFGAm, and Mt. Olympus.

Cedar Point: 7/17

We arrived at about 4PM and check in to Breakers Express. We got a package so we had 2 starlight tickets which were pretty handy. We headed sraight to the park. We wanted to head to MF to catch a ride but my little brother wanted to steadily for from 200 Feet to 300 Feet and then eventually to the 400 Foot TTD.

Well, we entered the marina entrance and headed right towards MF. To our surprise, Iron Dragon had NO wait. We got on, and WHOA! they can run 3 trains efficiantly! Only if SFA could catch on. Overall I wish there were more of these suspended swinging coasters, there pretty cool. The seats are a little hard on the toosh, but thats ok.

Next, we went over to MF, 30 minute wait, eh, were spoiled, were used to 15 minute less waits so we passed it. headed back to Mean Streak. Holy crap! what a waste of wood! The trimmed drop is the biggest dissapointment of all. It wasnt as rough as people say it is. But the large turn after the drop is to slow. I was leaning over the side of the car we were going so slow.

Next was Gemini.
OMG, BBIIGG surprise! Gemini rocks! Smooth and full of tons of airtime, by far a new top 10 for my list I loved it so much, just amazing!

Headed over to Magnum. Ehh, it was good, don't really thing it deserved all those top 10 coaster awards, I meen yeah its a great ride, but nothing special. The restraints are a little out dated, and kinda hurt. Not a big complaint but erm, yeah.

After watching TTD go through a few runs, I was about to ride for only a 30 minute wait. Ok I said I was spoiled for 15 minutes or less. But 30 minutes for what was the Tallest and Fastest Coaster in the world is fine by me! Turns out my brother chickened out so we headed over to Mantis.

OMFG maybe even worse then Iron Wolf it was so rough, nothing to talk about here except how sucky the ride is.

Ok, after the bashing on Mantis, we finally headed back over to MF. waited about 15 minutes, and got on. My brother was a little iffy about the 100 height differece from S:ROS but he got on. BTW had no trouble getting on the restraints, and im kinda large for being 19.

Ok, now I no why this coaster has been rated number 1! Great drop, didn't really experience any airtime. Still, its in my top 10 list now.

Ok here is what I have been waiting for since 2003... TTD!

Ok I head back to TTD for the same wait time, and after my brother rode MF, he changed his mind about TTD and decided to ride. 45 minutes......... What is up with about after every about 8 trains they stop launching for about 5 minutes then start back up? Are they cooling the track or something? But yeah, we get in our Intamin restraints and we catch the 5 minute cool down. 5 minutes...... "Oh Colin, I really don't feel good!," Those were the words that come out of my Brothers mouth, about a minute before they give to ok to send us on to the launch track. He tells me I'll last, then out of no were he gos GET ME OFF NOW! COLIN. I asked him why, he tells me he wants to thow up (Ok now I am pissed, he waisted 45 minutes of waiting in line to get off the ride). I wave to a ride op and tell him that he wants off, he asks why and I tell him that he dosn't feel good. The ride op releses the restraints and my brother gets off. He tells me that we can both get back on if we come back. Which I was like YAY thinking my bro would go on after he watched me and I could snag an extra ride.

Ok, so after that whole fiasco, I'm alone on TTD waiting to launch, after about 8 minutes we FINALLY head to the launch track. The wait builds so much suspence. White, White, YellowYellowYellow GREEN!. WHOOOOSH. Wow is all I can say, the ride was totally intense. I loved it. The ride was kinda a blur. But I really liked it. Wish there were more over 400.

Ok, we went back the next day for an entire day. Really all we did was maXair Blue Streak, and WT.

WT: V2 but both ends twisted of course, I prefer the Holding break instead.

Blue Streak: Wild One but shorter and Blue of course.

maXair: This ride really let me down, It needs a longer run cycle.

Over all, now that I've been to CP I figured, I don't really care about going as much as I did before. Sure great park and atmosphere, but the only rides I care about are TTD, MF and Gemini, the rest of the coasters are ok. I bet Raptor is great, but the wait was over an hour and it was over 90 degrees out so I don't think I'll be waiting for that one!


SFGAm, 7/18
We headed from CP the next day, and arrived at SFGAm at about 3PM. We didn't need a full day since it used to be our Home Park. We arrive to find out that, ALL power in the park is out. Yet surprisingly the pumps for the water park work. Everyone floods to the water park. When we get there we flash out season passes while SFGAm, is handing free tickets out by the hand fulls. (Ok a little exageration but they were giving them out FAST!)

The real reason that we came is for Deja Vu. Since it was supposed to open in 2001 I have never ridden it. We moved overseas with the Navy that year(Got my ride on Steel Dragon 2000 to make it up ofcourse! hehe). I had a chance in 2003 and 2004, but it was closed both visits. Well the line was emptied for most rides, except the people in line that made it to the stations. We wait on front of Deja Vu, and then they send all people in the line out. They tell us it isn't openeing for the rest of the day even if the power does go back on.

So we head to Raging Bull, and wait, and wait, and after about an hour in the park they start to test and we get on. Still as I remember it, but I never remembered the trim break on the hill after the turn around, kinda takes out some of the air time.

Anywho, we head back to Demon, and don't feel like getting our head banged up so head back to American Eagle. Well, turns our AE was only running the red trin and I really wanted to get my brother on a classic racer. Both Forwards and backwards. It was sporting a line all the way to the switchbacks.

Iron Wolf, was testing but no one rideing, and as like Demon, we didn't feel like getting our head banged up.

Head to Ragin' Cajun, and it was only using about 2 switch backs. But my brother didn't want to wait. We head to Superman and wait about 20 minutes. My brother said it was ok, but said he like Batwing better.

Ok, when exiting Superman, we see Deja Vu testing. Only having an hour left in the park, we rush over. A line of about 50 people had already started to form roped off before the queue. We get in line, wait about 10 minutes and they let us in!

Deja Vu:
After about 5 circuits, we get on 2A. WOW the loading for this ride is pretty wierd. And like all Boomberang, SLOW! Ok "There goes the floor and were out the back door." I was encredibly surprised how silent the lift hill was, being the first time I've ever seen or head DV run. Ok up the lift, silently of course (My dad calls it the "Stealth Coaster")
and SWOOSH! Is it me or at the bottom of the first spike, as your going into the station, it gets a little classic Vekomaish, and starts to get bumbpy? O well. Through the station and up the Giant Boomerang. WOW totally different then 2Face. Very disorienting, and smooth for a vekoma. Through the loop which was also very cool, but loud. And up the second spike.

Second Half of DV:
The Drop is instand of course and provides and insane feeling of Zero-G. Backwards it way better then forwards! LoL. Over all, DV is awesome, better then the invertigo models. I wish it was more reliable so more parks would purchase them. Alos one question. Is it me or does, the station for Deja Vu, look old or very run down? Maybe its all the technical stuff with the ride, o well. Just excited after 4 years, I finally get to ride it.

Why do all the coasters at SFGAm, Have employees, that cut the line off at a certain point? It really slows the line down more then the estimated time.It was on Raging Bull at the fast pass Entrance and same on Superman, But they cut us off at the turn stile on Vu.


Mt. Olympus 7/22

Ok, we head to the dells and make it to Mt. Olympus. Hades is so Massive, you can see it from the free way at some spots if you are coming from the north. Anywho, we get the unlimited ride wristband. First thing we ride, Cyclops. I really dont know what everyone is raving about this coaster and all its airtime, we sat in the 3rd car, (My brother couldn't ride the back ofcourse because he isn't over 18). And barely no air time what so ever, even with the 3 inches of space between the lap bar and me.

Ok next to Hades, which was sporting a good 20 minute line. We wait. and WHOA there are some saftey hazards in the line. For instance. were the path starts to lead up the stairs. and the fence starts to stop, and the cable fence starts, my brother (13) could fit his hand through, and touch the metal railing of the track. YEAH! its true, no lie. LoL back to Hades.

We get on after the ever so slow man from Romania loads us up. Yeah I no its not me this time, but like Everyone at that park is hired from another country. And they only put one person on each coaster. Slowwwwwww.

Hades: The pre-lift drop is awesome! pops of airtime here and there. Very cool feature, wish more woodies, or even steel had them. The drop was incredible, so steel! The tunnel was just confusing, allthough I could tell when we did the 90 degree bank, and whoa its a shocker. Because your like wood, rough and fast, then its like wood, fast and HUH? banked at 90? Just put it this way, its a very wierd feeling.

At the other end of the of the tunnel, the hill delivers no airtime but is still cool because u barely make it over. then you swoop back down, then up just a little for LOTS of airtime. Then back down to hades! The second time in the tunnel is very out of control, and although you cant see anything, your getting tossed everywere. But very fun. Then out of the tunnel and up a hill filled with air time. Back down past the queue and around, with hops and going very very fast, helix and breaks.

Hades was an excilent ride! Considering that The Voyage will be made by the same builders, I expect The Voyage to be everything its said its going to be.

Tried the water park, Needs a little updating though. Took some rides on the go carts. And then went on the Disk-O. Surprisingly, its a really fun flat. Hope it starts to pop up in more parks.

Well thats it, hope you like it. Sorry about the length. After that and inbetween we got som R&R and visited some family and friends. Great vacation. LoL C ya!


Saturday, July 30, 2005 11:31 PM
They cut off the line on Deja Vu so the station doesn't get packed. It actually makes the line shorter, as they try to make sure every seat is filled on the train. The other rides they cut off the line so that people with fastlane can get in the line, and it also helps prevent the stations from getting jam packed like on Vu.

Next time you get to ride a Deja Vu, I suggest you ride in a B seat as the ride experience is much better.

Saturday, July 30, 2005 11:35 PM
Well thats what I figured about the cut off.

Thanks about Vu, but I don't think I'll be visiting for atleast another year. I sat in 2A because my brother any I wanted to sit next to each other instead of spread apart.

Sunday, July 31, 2005 6:38 PM
Just a in the world did you only get on three rides during your entire second day at CP? Oh and the reason they "cut off" the lines at SFGAm (called grouping) is to make it so the stations aren't so packed. I'm very happy they implimented makes waiting in line much easier. *** Edited 7/31/2005 10:44:17 PM UTC by Raging_Bull***

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