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Thursday, July 6, 2000 12:29 PM
Well this will be short and sweet...

Arrived at the park around 11:30, wasnt overly crowded but still quite a few people there.

BatmanTR: It was ok, I remember it being alot more intense before (Ive ridden the one at MagicMountain

Ninja: It was ok in the middle, but too rough in the back

Mr. Freeze: Very Good launch coaster. Ive heard complaints that is very rough/bumpy or whatever, but it was slighty bumpy but nothing bad. I love that tophat inversion.

Boss: AWESOME...I was totally blown away. My favorite up to that point was the Villian, but this coaster is 2times better. You have speed, air, throws you around (in a good way). Awesome all around

Screaming Eagle: Ok, had some good and bad points

Overall good day there. Boss, is my favorite wooden coaster as of right now. My complaint is about the queue lines, especially The Boss. Who came up with that idea to have us go up the stairs and down the stairs? That queue line didnt make any sense.
Thursday, July 6, 2000 2:14 PM
Thanks for the report, I am going there tommorow. I am definitly riding the Boss!!

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