TR:sfaw on wednesday,july 25

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Sunday, July 29, 2001 8:35 PM
Arrived at sfaw at about 10:45 am and headed straight for viper for a warmup ride.Man that ride may not be that long,but it sure does get the job done by thrilling you IMO!After viper,we headed for Batman:The escape,which was about a 20 minute wait,but it went pretty fast due to the great scenery!That ride is a great ride and I don't think they should get rid of it because it is a great ride and it is the only stand-up in Texas!After batman we headed for the Texas Cyclone and it took about 15 min to get on the back four rows.Another excellent ride!This ride always impresses me because of its great drops and airtime!We went to ultra twister and waited for 20 min,but then it closed due to mechanical difficulties right when we were about to get on!We then headed to serial thriller only to find it was shut down to due to the lightning in the area!We decided to wait because if there was lightning in the area,then all rides would be closed so we might as well of waited.Took about 30 min to open back up.We only had to wait 20 min because everyone decided to leave when it closed due to the storm.Right when we got to the front they had to close the ride AGAIN because someone had vomited on one of the seats!After 10 min it opened again and we finally rode it!Man everytime it's worth the wait because it's just such a smooth thrilling coaster even though it's short!After serial thriller we headed for taz,but it was closed!I was not suprised though!We headed for ultra twister because we saw a train head up the lift again with ppl in it.It was about a 20 min wait.We got on finally!I just love the first drop on this ride!I also love the inversions on it!After ultra twister we rode batman again and then we headed for a ride that i've never ridden before because I was scared of it before.I decided to give it a chance.Can you all guess which one it was?It was GREEZD LIGHTNING!There wasn't even a line!I was really impressed with it!I had such a great launch and such a great experience!I rode it 2 more times since the wait wasn't long!We headed for texas cyclone again but it was closed due to mechanical problems!We decided to head home because it was about 9:00 pm!What a great day at sfaw!I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY BREAKDOWNS IN ONE DAY THOUGH!Batman,serialthriller,texas cyclone,ultratwister,and taz texas tornado all had closed once that day!UNBELIEVABLE! BOMB13
Monday, July 30, 2001 3:47 PM
Texas Tornado has been closed since opening day...

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