TR..Quassy, Canobie, Great Escape, Seabreeze

The dates: Sunday June 26-Saturday July 2

Traveling companions: None

Weather: Pretty much excellent all the way through

The Parks: Quassy, Canobie Lake, SF Great Escape, Seabreeze

Left Sunday morning June 26 for Connecticut, destination Quassy Amusement park in Middlebury for a first-time visit. What's with the fact that all road signs for the park, on the highway and off, simply say "Amusement Park?" Paid $6 to park (weekend rate..normally $5) and $23.50 for a P.O.P wristband, which also included Saturation Station, which I would not partake of. Had about 40 minutes before the 11am opening time, so I walked around scoping the rides, and checked out the beach. Nice spot on Lake Quassapaug(?) Beach is included with admission. Individual ride tickets are $3.50 and each ride takes one ticket.

Waaaarrrrriorrrr...come out to play-ay....and I'm glad it did. A group of about 12 teenage boys was hanging by the entrance to Quassy's new signature attraction, Wooden Warrior. For some reason they had congregated on the EXIT side of the entranceway, so I moved into the ENTRANCE side, and was soon joined by a couple of young ladies. The ride opened at about 11:10 after testing. It looked, from my vantage point, to be a pleasant enough ride, akin to the Scooby-Doo type junior woodies found at so many parks. I arrived at the station after the girls because, well, they're 9-10 years old and weigh about 70 pounds and me, well, I'm me. The girls were waiting for the back seat. Then, as girls that age are wont to do, they changed their mind. The boys and all others had found the right path and made it into the station, which was now full. Because of the girls changing horses in mid-stream, I got the first ride of the day in the back seat.

Is WW the fastest coaster out there? Steepest? Most intense? Tallest? No, no, no, and no. Is it a helluva lotta fun? To quote the Magic 8-Ball, "Signs point to YES." This ride is an instant classic. I had a smile on my face all the way through. It's a VERY short ride..departure to the brake run is less than a minute, another 20 seconds to come in from the brake. And I wish they had another train. Speaking of the train, this was my first Timberliner experience, and I came away duly impressed. Among the most comfortable seats I've been on. I like the lack of seat belts and the way the restraint comes from the side. No issues with fitting in. And it wasn't like I really got to appreciate the comfort of the seats, as I spent quite a bit of time out of them. The one ride out of eight on the day that I took near the front wasn't quite as great as the back. Excellent use of a tunnel, too. I liked the plaque devoted to the local elementary/middle school students who gave the ride its name.

Other rides at Quassy:

My first time on a Chance Yo-Yo. Although the sign clearly stated a weight limit of 170 lbs., I walked right on, and again later. I thought it would be the same motion as your run-of-the-mill Wave Swinger ride, but I was wrong. Once it gets going, it has an awesome back and forth motion, especially if the rider helps it along by manipulating the chains. I swear I felt like I would tumble out backwards. Excellent ride, even if I struggled to buckle the upper strap.

Train ride around the park..pretty much a straight oval, don't really see anything except an empty field. Really pointless and boring, and then...they send you around again!!!

For a liitle park with not a ton of major rides, I was surprised at how high concessions were..not Six Flags high, but higher than I expected. I just got a pretzel to hold me over...$3.75. I thought it was cool that you could purchase in the gift shop..for $ t-shirt reading: I CAME ALL THE WAY FROM_____(Your home city) TO RIDE THE WOODEN WARRIOR. The fact that the "sample" shirt read DANBURY kind ruined the effect a little. The staff were very friendly. I rode most of the flats..Paratrooper, Trabant, Pirate ship, carousel, etc. Got a credit on the Little Dipper, a kiddie coaster I was allowed to ride myself. It was somewhat reminiscent of the former High Speed Thrill Coaster at Knoebels. Not a bad little park, and I'm glad I stopped by. I left about 2:45, next stop New Hampshire. I made it to the Motel 6 in Nashua in about 3.5 hours despite two rough traffic stretches. After checking in, I hit Friendly's for dinner. I pretty much ALWAYS get Butter Crunch ice cream, but have always seen the disclaimer on the menu: All flavors may not be available in all areas. Apparently, NH is an area where my flavor of choice is NOT available. So I made do with butter pecan with Heath Bar topping instead of my usual Butter Crunch with caramel.

Good financial news: On the Mass. Pike, my tired-from-driving, diabetes-affected, 46-year-old eyes told my brain the toll would be $7.10 according to the ticket. The 7 turned out to be a 1. Sometimes being wrong pays off.

Monday, June 27th

The Motel 6 in Nashua is surrounded by roads where you're unable to make a left turn into the driveway. So when I went to eat, or the market or the 7-11, I'd have to drive PAST the motel, turn onto a side block, and turn around in an office or condo parking lot. So when I walked out of my room that morning to see a Nashua police officer examining my car from his patrol car, I thought the worst..that someone had reported me and gotten my plate for what might have been something frowned upon. But I guess he was just checking plates against the motel's records to make sure all cars belonged to registered guests.

A so-so breakfast at IHOP was followed by the drive to Canobie Lake, about a half-hour. I had made plans to meet Hopman fom CBuzz, who would act as a "guide" to his home park and help me maximize my one day there. We had discussed one of us stopping at the local AAA office for discount coupons, but I found the same savings at McDonald's the night before, so I picked up a few. I was in the parking lot at 10:10, and Jason approached my car while I was going through my just-before-leaving-the-car routine. The coupons were only good for one person, taking the $32 entry fee down to $28. I gave one to Jason and the others to a mom with kids..random act of kindness, if you will.

Jason recommended hitting the Yankee Cannonball first. It only runs one train, it was 10:30 prior to an 11 o'clock opening for rides, and Cannonball was about 15 minutes late opening. And it was already getting hot. We took the third seat, and I wasn't terribly impressed. Too short, no airtime, and nothing to make me go "wow" or "oooh!" I did enjoy my second ride later a bit more, closer to the back.

Headed over to the park's newest coaster, Untamed, which I guess is known as a Euro-fighter. The only similar ride I've been on was Mystery Mine, and that was better. Untamed's theming (bears) is extremely well done, right down the intricately carved fences in the queue, to the gift shop, to the antler chandeliers in in the station. Pretty intense ride, pretty rough for its being so new. The crew does a good job, and I didn't wait more than 15-20 minutes for any of my four rides that day. I like those vertical lift hills...always remind me of Ultra Twister. Way too short, like the Cannonball.

Rode the Extreme Frisbee and found it to be pretty intense, and the most disorienting of its type I've been on. Collected a credit for The Canobie Corkscrew..pretty standard...and the kiddie Dragon Coaster. The two best rides of the day for me? A Zamperla model I'd never seen before. Called the Wave Blaster at Canobie, I looked at Zamperla's site. Apparently they call it a "Jumper." It's a step up from a kiddie ride model, aimed at teenagers. Riders sit two abreast at the end of an arm, and while revolving, the arms bounce up and down with some serious action. I liked it a lot, and rode it twice.

The other ride I loved was the park's old-fashioned dark ride, Mine Of Lost Souls. It's a throwback ride, reminiscent of the dark rides I grew up with at the Jersey Shore piers, but built in 1985 and re-done in 1992. Very slow, good cheesy special effects that were actually working, and just the right balance of spooks and laughs. Best ride of the day, except for the god-awful loading procedure. They'd bunch the cars (4 passenger trams,) about six or seven of 'em, in the station before loading...then allow them to go out with one or two passengers, the back often unoccupied. Made a slow line even slower..waited about half an hour when it shoulda been 15 minutes. I liked the flume, but was annoyed with the op who made me move to the front after I was already seated in the back..while the boat was moving, and despite the fact I was by myself.

This was another park where the concession prices were higher than I expected. I mean, maybe I'm naive, but I just don't expect it at smallish, non-corporate parks. I expect to get gouged at Six goes with the territory. I had told Jason I'd buy him lunch, and we both got fish and chips and a drink at Minuteman Fried Clams. More than decent. I actually bought popcorn, something I never do at parks..because the stand...actually shaped like a box of popcorn..actually put melted butter on from a dispenser.

The one thing that bothered me most..and we all focus on things that mean a lot to us at parks, no matter how trivial others may consider them to the fact that my requests at a couple of food stands for a "courtesy cup" of ice water were denied. I've seen instances where stands have those cups ready and lined up because they know people will ask. I'm not gonna spend for a bottle of water, and I don't wish to drink soda in the heat. This is the first time in recent years I've been denied at a park. So, between that, and the flume seating, two demerits.

I was also disappointed to get to the entrance of the the PsychoDrome (indoor Scrambler) and see a sign on the door that read "Please note that the lights will remain on for the duration of the ride." It was my last ride of the day, and felt a little faster than most, but why bother having it indoors if you're gonna keep the lights on? The Boston Tea Party shoot-the-chute had one of the biggest splashes I've seen. Found an arcade that actually had pinball machines and Skee-Ball with the old metal plates showing score..non-digital. So I played there for awhile, getting three consecutive free games on a pinball machine. I'm always glad to find a Rotor at a park. Canobie's is the Turkish Twist and it's a themed a mini Taj Mahal (no slot machines, though.)

Like Quassy, very nice setting on the lake. I left about 8..Jason had left about 5:30. Tried to pick up something to eat to take back to the motel, but apparently you can't walk into a pizza place in New Hampshire and buy a slice or two. I guess I'm spoiled living where I do. Ended up with Burger King.

Tuesday was a driving/no park day. I had decided to stay in Albany, which would be about an hour+ drive to Wednesday's destination, Great Escape at Lake George (actually, Queensbury) I was willing to make that drive, though, because the least expensive motel room I could find in the area of the park was at least $30 more per night (staying 2 nights) than I was willing to spend, and the drive would be less than it takes me to get to GAdv. I checked in, and was happy to find a Golden Corral just down the road. Was disappointed at the very limited selection compared to other GC's I've been to. No fried shrimp (or ANY kind of seafood, for that matter.) But I was able to load up on chicken (rotisserie and fried,) pasta, rice, and corn.

Wednesday morning, I headed out to Great Escape. Stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast. The sausage was god-awful, and the waitress was kind enough to offer to replace it with a second portion of bacon. I sure wasn't gonna turn down THAT offer!

I thought the park opened at 10:30, but checked my notes en route and discovered it was actually 10. I got there about 9:50, and did not avoid the parking fee as I managed to do at SF America earlier this season. So they got me for the $13 (side note: Great Adventure daily parking..$20. My total parking fees this trip at four parks and a museum? $19)

The parking setup reminded me of SFNE's. After you park, you walk up several ramps and cross a highway. Took a lot out of me.

I said the four parks on this trip were new to me. That may not be completely true. As a child, my Mom and Dad had friends that lived in Lake George. As I explored the park, and took the train ride that has signs illustrating the park's history, I realized there was a good chance I had been there in the late 60's or early 70's when it was known as Storytown. There are still many structures in the park relating to Mother Goose tales, although they've been neglected and are in serious need of paint and rehab.

I walked first to the "Western" themed end of the park and took two rides each on the Steamin' Demon (Arrow(?) Corkscrew/looper) and the Canyon Blaster, a so-so mine train with actual scenery and props..and it moved slow enough to actually scope them out. I sandwiched those around a ride on the Condor (high-spinning flat ride) and hung out waiting for the log flume to open. I was sorry I of the worst I've been on. Barely got a drop of water, and the other kind of drops were nothing to write home about. Saw a building by the flume with the legend "Nightmare at Crackaxle Canyon." I had read about that years ago but the building appears to be vacant. Anyone know what kind of ride it was?

Now it was time for re-living a personal memory of mine. Until recently, I did not know that the Alpine Bobsled at Great Escape was the former Sarajevo Bobsled from GAdv, having also called SF Great America home for awhile in between. It's a ride I used to like a lot in its four years at my home park. I seem to remember a serious accident on it while it was here..non-fatal. It's also one of the few coasters remaining that I rode with the only girl to whom I was ever engaged. So I really looked forward to riding it . As I got on line, I felt like I was having a sugar drop, so I got a Snickers ice cream bar (mmmm...) out of the machine on my way to the station. Waited about 10 minutes. The trains don't appear to be the type I remember. They're cars that hold four pairs of people sitting abreast, and the back seat gates were roped off, reducing capacity to 6 per cart . Cars are USA, Jamaica, Italy and Canada. This ride is much faster and more fun than Avalanche at KD..and the line moves a helluva lot better. It's also longer. Bangs you around some, especially entering the multiple brakes. I enjoyed the hell out of it and it brought back good memories. Took four rides at that time, although no re-rides. The crew was exceptionally cheerful, and the operator, whom I talked to for a bit, was having a good time.

I then headed over to the park's 1948 wooden coaster, the Comet, but was told it hadn't opened yet by an attendant stationed on the pathway leading to the ride..not even at the ride itself. So I hit the rapids ride twice in a row..pretty good, decent dousing, but Thunder Canyon it ain't (what is?) Took another spin on the Bobs and tried the Comet again. Success!

I knew something of the history of this classic..that it had been moved from Crystal Beach in Ontario when the park closed in 1989, and opened in NY in 1994. What I did NOT know, was that when the Comet opened in Canada in 1948, it was built with most of the steel structure and load station of the legendary Crystal Beach Cyclone, a ride I've read about as being one of the most insane coasters ever closed in 1946. So this modern-day Comet actually uses a large portion of the original Cyclone. Okay, boys and girls..history lesson's over. There'll be a quiz on Tuesday.

What about the ride? Wow. The train flies through the course, seeming much faster than it is. No trouble squeezing into the seat. Interesting height differential on the bunny hills on the return trip, one dip much smaller than the others. At least three pops of airtime, and one really tricky lift/lateral element just before the last turnaround. I rode in multiple seats, but this is a ride I did not enjoy most in the very back. The seat in FRONT of to last..was the best. I took 12 rides, many without leaving the station. And when I did have to, it was a short walk. Really felt like I rode a piece of history.

It looked like a storm was coming in, so I headed over to get the Boomerang credit just in case. Also rode the train, Sasquatch drop tower, and some flats before heading back for four more spins on the Comet. At that point I decided to make a circuit around the park to make sure I hadn't missed any "must-do's." My intent was to then head back for a few more rides on the Bobs and Comet to finish my day (7pm closing.) I made the mistake of getting on the longest...slowest...most pointless...skyride of my life. Because of that length, I arrived at the Bobs at 6:10. Although I knew it closed at 6, I had forgotten as I prepared to wrap up the day. So back to the Comet I went!!! I finished the day with 12 straight rides, not only without leaving the station, but without leaving the previously mentioned next-to-last seat. I thought it was cool when the now idle Bobsled crew came on the Comet and closed out the night with the other riders, me included. Great finish to the day, and 28 rides on the Comet.

I don't really understand the Six Flags angle. Their name is not part of the park's official name. But Mr. Six is around. The words "Six Flags" are around a lot, on signs, employee shirts, etc. Their pay-to-cut is NOT called FlashPass. Prices are definitely Six Flags worthy..30 bucks for a pizza. I did find an amusement park ice cold water fountain.

Some of you know about GAdv's ubiquitous "visual scan" where the ride ops do this hand-shading-eyes, RoboCop head-swivel to check the station before dispatch. Great Escape's crew says "Take Five" and sweeps an arm around, index finger out. I asked an op what the "Take Five" meant. It's the five places they check..train, gates, platform, exit ramp, and entrance ramp.

Thursday morning found me driving from Albany to Rochester, mostly on the New York State Thruway. That drive brought the highest toll of the more ways than one. The toll on the Thruway exit for Rochester was $10.10. The toll on the speeding ticket I got near Syracuse will be a lot higher than that. I think was passing someone in a two lane work zone, 55mph limit, and I lost track of my speed. Trooper pulls me over. Clocked me at 73 in the left a work zone. After he ran my license, he came back and gave me back my paperwork. Says, "Since your license is clean, I'm gonna help you out a little." He said I was down to 68 after passing and heading out of the work zone, so that was the figure he put me down for. And of course, fines are doubled in work areas. He said he'd indicated I was was not in a work area when clocked. So I guess it could have been worse, but it will still be a good sized fine and points on my license. I always incur at least one injury on every trip I take. This trip's damage was a sore butt from kicking myself.

I arrived at the Motel 6 in Rochester about 11:45 and was able to check in, although I did not go to the room. I was planning to catch a cab to the Strong Museum Of Play, home of the National Toy Hall Of Fame. Very unusual for me to do something OTHER than an amusement park on a trip. I found out the museum had free parking, and based on the distance, a cab woulda been pretty steep..Rochester's a big city. After a coupla wrong moves..the roads around Rochester are rather confusing..I got to the Strong a bit after 12. Paid 12 bucks to get in.

I hated every moment I spent there. All these thousands upon thousands of toys, many of which I grew up with..all behind glass, and I couldn't play with anything except a Slinky, some construction toys, and some vintage arcade games. You all probably have a good feel for the toys that are actually IN the Hall of Fame, and most of you could probably name 3/4 of the inductees. But the Museum also currently features exhibits devoted to Sesame Street, Superheroes, and video games. It was very cool place to spend the 4 hours I did. On the way back to the motel, I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some chips and drinks for the room, and picked up McD's for supper, hoping they'd have discount coupons for Seabreeze, Friday's destination. No luck, although they DID have coupons for Darien Lake.

Friday morning, I went to pick up breakfast at Burger King, and found coupons there for Seabreeze..3 bucks off. I figured a 10 minute drive, but those confusing Rochester roadways came into play again..took me 20 minutes, just going from one part of the city to another. Arrived about 10:30 for 11am opening, and as I did at Canobie, gave my extra coupons to some folks on line. Most of the people waiting for the gate to open were in the pre-paid/passholder lines..I was first at the ticket gate.

I went left upon entering, toward the lake. Geography is not my strong suit,and I thought this was Lake Erie, knowing that not far away, Buffalo was on those shores. Apparently I was wrong, according to the woman I gave coupons's Lake Ontario. Well, what do I know?

First I hit the Bobsleds for four rides (8 on the day.) What a cool, unique ride. It's a junior terrain wood coaster from the 50's-60's. It was revamped in 1968 and given tubular steel tracks, a third level, and bobsled-type cars. Lap bar only. Reminded me slightly of Leap The Dips. Because it's so slow, it's a long ride...and that is in no way a complaint. The ride-op was really nice, answering my questions about the ride, and recommending I check out the pictorial history of the park in the carousel building. The Bobsled was my favorite ride of the day. I rode the Revolution360 (Disk-O) and the Music Express. The latter gave not only a forward and backward ride, but went backward FIRST. I checked out the photos Gayle had told me about, waiting for the Whirlwind (spinning mouse) to open at noon. I've only been on a couple of these rides before, but I kinda like them. Seems like you get a slightly different ride every time. The park was not crowded, but the Bobs and Whirlwind tended toward a 15-20 minute wait, although not at all times. Got four rides all told on the Whirlwind.

Headed back the other way toward the Jack Rabbit, the circa-1920 woodie. No more than a 2-3 cycle wait all day, and I got a dozen rides. This ride is very short, but has a coupla really nice moments, especially in the tunnel at the end. This will sound blasphemous coming from my keyboard, but this is a front seat ride. I rode there or second seat on the majority of my rides. Back seats had no action at all. The train was much more modern, and very comfy, but I don't know the manufacturer. Only one attendant, who had to work the braking and starting levers (no buttons to press here!) check lap bars, and unlock the turnstile.

I rode their flume 3 times. Good splash at the end, and a cool tunnel. I had an iced tea, a fresh lemonade, and a pretzel. Concession prices were not outrageous. I rode every flat in the park except the miniature drop tower and the flyers (I know there's Flyer fans reading this, but they just don't do anything for me :( )

The waterpark area looked decent, and the park offers some nice views of the lake. Unfortunately, none of the rides are tall enough to offer the spectacular visuals you get at Cedar Point or Waldameer. Took one nasty hit on the bumper cars, but no residual back pain (yet.) Seabreeze's Yo-Yo paled in comparison with Quassy's. Left at 6:15.

Only note of interest from Saturday's drive home..since it was the Holiday weekend, the local Boy Scouts had set up a station at one of the rest areas to encourage folks to stop and take a break from driving. Not just coffee, which I don't drink anyway. Iced tea, lemonade, cookies and hot dogs were available...all free, donations gladly accepted. The dogs were good and really hit the spot. I got home around 3 Saturday.

So, just to recap some stuff:

Best coaster: TIE: Wooden Warrior/Comet
Most unique coaster: Seabreeze Bobsleds
Best Non-Coaster Ride: Mine Of Lost Souls
Best meal: Friendlys Near Great Escape..they HAD Butter Crunch!
Worst moment...Take a (bleeping) guess...
New-to-me coasters..14 (unofficial total 294)
Best Nostalgia...riding my old Sarajevo Bobs for the first time in 23 years.
Best Theming: Untamed

I know this was long, so thanks to all of you who stuck through to the end. And that's where we are now.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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@Cannonball - and every wooden coaster, and some steel. I would like to give you the strong suggestion of trying woodies at night, at the end of the day. They are much more warmed up by that time and always give (if nothing else) a markedly faster ride.

Great report! About pay to cut at SF parks - of course it's reality, etc. I am all for, and encourage others, to let the park know (in a very polite manner) how you feel about stuff like pay to cut. It's simply a slap in the face to people who do not put up the money to do it. Take the time to spend at PR and fill out the forms, talk to manager, etc.

Nightmare at Great Escape is a Schwarzkopf *Jet Star* model:

An excellent ride, for sure! It's an *ANTON* as some of us like to say. It's in it's fourth home at Great Escape. I rode it at Kentucky Kingdom back in the early 90's. You can also ride several outdoor versions, including Tig'ger at (the incredible) Indiana Beach.

From what I can gather, all the parks that have run it as an indoor coaster have run in to 2 problems: injuries on the first drop going into that first slamming curve, and very low capacity (can only run 2 cars in the dark). Someone on here knows more, Bill (gator), but I think that's why they choose to simply not operate the ride.

The trains on the Seabreeze Jack Rabbit are Morgan Manufacturing. Those became a little more popular in the 80's on such rides as the Texas Cyclone, Colossus and the beloved Grizzly at CA Great America. PTC took on the design as "California Style Wooden Coaster Trains" but quickly retired them. They are odd, and generally slow down a ride. Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz has some, and that is a ride they work very well on. Most woodies would probably be much better with out them.

How did you feel about the lap bar on Wooden Warrior? Does it 'staple' you to the seat?

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Thanks for the feedback, Billy. I love me my night rides, but one kind of night ride I don't like is the one back to the hotel in an area where I'm unfamiliar with the territory. Unless I'm staying right near the park or know exactly where I'm going, I sometimes sacrifice night rides. I'm with you that wood feels faster later in the day. As I said, my second ride on Cannonball was a little better, and my closing dozen on Comet were out of control.

Crackaxle Canyon has apparently been SBNO for about 5 years. I would love to have rode it.

I thought Jack Rabbit's trains might be Morgans, as I know that's what's on Steel Force and these looked similar.

No stapling on Warrior whatsoever. I'm a big guy, and I actually had a bit of wiggle room..if I'd wanted to wiggle, that is.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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^I totally hear you on the night ride back to the unknown hotel! Luckily, I've had a coaster buddie with me on my recent trips, but otherwise, thats a toughie.


CoasterDemon said:
^I totally hear you on the night ride back to the unknown hotel! Luckily, I've had a coaster buddie with me on my recent trips, but otherwise, thats a toughie.

The motel is not unknown...but the area and roads are!

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Nightmare at Great Escape is a Schwarzkopf *Jet Star* model:

'was' would be the more appropriate word. I believe it closed at the end of the 2007 season. I think Indiana Beach's is the last Jet Star I in operation in the US.

Mike, sorry about the speeding ticket, but I'm glad you had a decent time at Canobie.

Next time you're up my way, try looking for a chain called Sal's Pizza. They have sllices that a HUGE (1/4 of a 19" pie) and usuall have at least 8-10 varitites available!

Sounds like you did have a decent trip & I'm sorry I had to leave you.

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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Yeah, very sad about GE's Crackaxle Canyon- the indoor (Windstorm-ish) coaster at SFoT still kicks major butt...but the one at Frontier City was closed a year or two prior to our visit. SFAW's was pretty cool, but was a ride more along the lines of GAdv's Skull Mountain. To me, the Dark Knight rides are more about the dark ride, less about the coaster. Capacity was *always* a problem with the Great Escape ride, and I think it had become a maintenance hog as well. I waited almost an hour for my one lap, and it was WELL worth it...I got the Anton love!

Seabreeze's Bobsleds and JackRabbit are worth the trip alone. Add in the spinning coaster, flyers, Crazy Daisy, and antique carousel, and you know you've got a winnning park.

Canobie is chock-full of New England goodness...the "Canobie canopies" on the Caterpillar are an exceptional treat. VERY happy to hear about Untamed - growth is a MAJOR key to these smaller regional parks staying afloat...and doing it with a *heavily-themed* coaster makes me smile.

Quassy? Hoping to get there this year (might be closing weekend pre-PPP). It was a really nice park - helped kick off our mega-trip Con-Quest where Moosh got me involved in all the crazy shenanigans. I'll always have a soft spot for the park...the op on the kiddie coaster managed to squeeze all of us "adults" on the ride for an amazing photo-op. Now, there's a new wooden coaster there for me to acquire...and I've been hearing GREAT things... :)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Sounds like you had an amazing trip and I'm also sorry to hear about the ticket.

Like Hopman I was also goign to suggest Sal's. you could have also gotten a pizza slices at Christopher's, bob's, and Melonos pizza in Nashua.

I'm a little surprised that you stayed in Nashua and didn't hit Orient express at Funworld. it's 3 minutes south of Friendlies which had the butter crunch when I visited a month ago.

I have been to 3 of your 4 parks so it was nice to read your opinions of Seabreeze I do want to get out there soon.

Prices on food are high but still better then SFNE. the food is outsourced through Sedexo and that drives up the prices. Though you also picked the second most expensive stand in the park. Dancing bear with ribs is the highest. a pizza would have run you only 15 bucks. The ice water think depends on the stand. Most don;t have filtered water at most they can give you a cut with ice and you can fill it at a water fountain.

I have gotten Ice Water at the Trellis.

You mentioned the Rotor (Turkish twist) but did you ride it. much faster then the Chance models found around the US. Luckily it sounds like you hit a slower day so it makes it easier to hit the rides.

Untamed is a bit shaky. I think it's do to the tight layout but overall I find it less shaky then corkscrew. Great addition and mice to see the park at a coaster count of 4 again.

Cannoball is best later in the day and in the front of back cars. They have 2 trains and switch them back and forth throughout the year. though I did find it was running a bit slow on my Jun 30th.

thanks again for sharing.

MRCEagle said:
Like Hopman I was also goign to suggest Sal's. you could have also gotten a pizza slices at Christopher's, bob's, and Melonos pizza in Nashua.

I'm a little surprised that you stayed in Nashua and didn't hit Orient express at Funworld. it's 3 minutes south of Friendlies which had the butter crunch when I visited a month ago.

I have been to 3 of your 4 parks so it was nice to read your opinions of Seabreeze I do want to get out there soon.

The ice water think depends on the stand. Most don;t have filtered water at most they can give you a cut with ice and you can fill it at a water fountain.

I have gotten Ice Water at the Trellis.

You mentioned the Rotor (Turkish twist) but did you ride it. much faster then the Chance models found around the US. Luckily it sounds like you hit a slower day so it makes it easier to hit the rides.

>I stayed in Nashua, but I didn't know of any of those pizza places.

I didn't know about Orient Express either, and I was looking at Funworld as I passed. Saw no signage indicating they had a coaster of any sort. It's much closer to Friendlys than you indicated..more like a minute! Had I know, I would have stopped, but I think they were closed on Sunday and Monday night which were the only nights I drove by. And just keep rubbing it in, why waiter told me they've never had Butter Crunch. First, the pizza, then the Orient Express, then the ice cream, than the water. Maybe if I'd met you up there, I'd have had better luck!!!

I asked for a cup of ice, too, and was declined. The Trellis was one of the places that declined my water request.

I did ride the Turkish Twist. Not the fastest or Longest Rotor I've been on. My rides at Compounce last year topped it on both counts.

Thanks for the feedback, MRCEagle.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Strange about the butter crunch, annoying about the ice water. Employee condect at the food stands are hit and miss. hate that food is outsourced. bu t I literally got a cut of ice water at the trellis on the 30th.

I take it you had no time to see any shows.

Nashua can be a complicated area. close to 200 years old and reimagined so many times. I take it you stayed at the motel 6 off exit 1.

on a side not while not a park you were not too far from the old Benson's Wild animal farm(new England playworld) property.

I take it you had no time to see any shows.

Nashua can be a complicated area. close to 200 years old and reimagined so many times. I take it you stayed at the motel 6 off exit 1.

on a side not while not a park you were not too far from the old Benson's Wild animal farm(new England playworld) property.

Saw the Janet Jackson impersonator while waiting for my second ride on Cannonball. Saw the fake Tim McGraw while waiting for Mine Of Lost Souls. Stopped and coaught about five minutes of the Elvis impersonator..worst I've ever seen/heard, and I've seen at least 8-10 over the years.

Yep, Spit Brook Road, baby!!

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Are you saying the Elvis was the worse you have ever seen? you had the unfortunate chance of seeing him at his worse. not long after your trip he was in the hospital. Though you have to respect Matt (Elvis) for producing all the shows for Canobie except the Wildlife Encounters.

I keep forgetting about that one since it was like a Howard Johnson or some thing for many years before becoming a motel 6.

How did you go to the park? south on Rt 3 Everett turnpike to 405 to 93 north to Salem, North on Rt 3 Everett Turnpike to 101 to 93 south to Salem. or back road Rt 111 to Windham/Salem

MRCEagle said:
How did you go to the park? south on Rt 3 Everett turnpike to 405 to 93 north to Salem, North on Rt 3 Everett Turnpike to 101 to 93 south to Salem. or back road Rt 111 to Windham/Salem

Don't recall 100%, but I believe I was on 111 for a large chunk of the drive. I remember seeing the 93 junction but I was never on it.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

That would be 111 then. You actually pased the proerty that was once Benson's Animal Farm/New England Playworld. One of New England greatest losses. The zoo portion was larger then the Boston's franklen park and stone zoo combined. The ride selection was pretty good as well.

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