TR:PKD(7/13) My first ride on H:XLC! (LONG)

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Saturday, July 14, 2001 4:36 PM
Well this is my first trip report and its a good one.

Me and my Uncle get to the park at about 10:00am and the park opens at 10:30, so we had a good amount of time to get the ticket and stuff. So we walk into the park and head in the direction of H:xlc and they still had the gate at the FX thearter closed so we waited there for about 15 min. When they open the gates we marched behind the security guard all the way to the line of H:xlc.

We get close to the begining of the line and a big group of people from the other side of the park were running without a security guard so they got ther first! I was mad as hell but me and my uncle pushed our way into the middle of the line. Now for those people that have riden H:xlc you know how loud it is when your in line next to the launch sraightaway, but for those that havent, its LOUD! Now keep in mind, this is me and my uncles first time so everything suprised me.

Now to the ride experience. We only ended up waiting for 20-30 min. so that was cool. The cycled the ride three times before the let us in the line and when i saw that first train launch.... i couldnt f***ing belive it! I never knew something that heavy like a coaster train could launch that fast. My jaw was dropped the whole time. So we get to the loading platform and get in line for the back row. We waited for about 5 cycles. We get in and at that time my heart was racing! I made sure i sat forward so when the checked the restraints the wouldnt staple me and so id have a little space.

So we move up to get wheighed and then move to the launch area. Now im looking at the tower ahead and my heart is about to beat out of my chest.*****the lights turned yellow i was trying to find something to hold on to. I finally held on to the handle in the middle of the lap bar. The yellow lights turn green and...... GOD DAMN!

After seeing all the cycles while waiting in line i thought i knew what to expect, but i was totally wrong. My head was pushed back and my face felt like it was gonna rip off! We hit the tower and all i saw was sky! We go over the tower and i felt like i was gonna fall out. We go around the turn and over the hill (which produced a lot of airtime for me cuz i had a 2-3 inch space between the lap bar and me) and hit the brakes kind of hard. I was screaming LORD JESUS! until we got to the platform. I couldnt breath right for like 10 min after the ride!

Well the rest of the day was also great. The longest line was Volcano. We forgot to get a fastpass and by the time we realized it we had already waited in line for 45 min so we didnt worry about it. Me and my uncle rode every ride at least once, which was good cause i have never done that at any park.

Oh yea, now my favorite seat is the front. I couldnt believe how much airtime we got in the front of the hurler and the grizzly! Now the grizzly was the best. I knew it was a mirror image of the grizzly at PGA which is my home park so i thought it was gonna suck because PGA's grizzly is slow. Man i sat in the front and had a good 3-4 inches of space between the lap bar and me and was thrown off my seat over hevery hill! I was hella supprised.

Well that was my most perfect day at a theme park!
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Sunday, July 15, 2001 7:45 PM
Yea, The Grizzly is my sentimental coaster!

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