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I had the opportunity to travel to Toverland for the final days of construction and testing of Troy. It’s an amazing ride…I can’t wait to travel back to the park next summer.

First drop is very similar to DW, although in the opposite direction. Nice rightward lateral push in the back of the train…strong positives in the pullout. The ride immediately climbs and rebanks to the left into a 70+deg banked turn…with max banking at the peak of the hill. This turn unfolds into the lowest level of the triple crossover where the train begins the righthand climb into the deadman turn. Also similar to DW, there is a pop of air before the peak of the turn for frontseat riders and the train winds back into a steep bank for the dive back to ground level. Fun and fast opening sequence but then things really start to get crazy.

The swooping dive turn off the deadman leads into the middle level of the triple crossover…a quick low floater that lands on the backside into a downhill then uphill righthand turn. Awesome laterals and positives. Just before the peak of the next hill the train twists from right to left and sets up in a descending helix where lats are held on the riders for several seconds. The track falls away when exiting the helix and riders get a good headchopper effect mid-float. Another quick low floater with a lefthand curving exit leads into the extended camelback. Great trajectory, long float. The train then climbs right with a pop of air before banking strongly at the peak and aligning with the station fly-through.

The hill after the fly-through drops all the way to ground level landing into a slight left hand bank. Quick switch to a righthand climb to the top level of the triple crossover. Snap left at the peak…A left-right twisting S-curve drop on the backside aligns the track parallel with the first curve under the lift. An uphill climb flattens out with a nice pop of air and banks flatly to the right before another pop of air into the final leftward undulating helix. The track banks and unbanks through the helix, giving riders a variety of lats and positives before one final headchopper air hill and lat filled lefthand uphill climb into the brakes.

I rode Troy countless times and each time was as fun as the first. There is such a variety of elements and forces that keep it interesting and exciting.

Hey Joe. I think I remember you from Rumblefest this year, right? That was a BLAST! Troy looks AWESOME.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

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