Tron Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom will open with virtual queue and free lockers

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Disney announced in a blog post that the new Tron roller coaster at Magic Kingdom will include a free double-sided locker system. A small compartment on the ride vehicle will be available to store your phone or other small items. The ride will also open using the virtual queue system that has been used for other new attractions in recent years.

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If you're going to require lockers for big stuff, this is easily the most sane way to go about it. Double-sided lockers, on-ride container for phone, no magnetometers. And my suspicion is that they're doing this way not because it's a super dynamic ride, but because you can't stash a bag on the floor like you can on other rides. I've been on Rock-n-Rollercoaster with my full camera bag.

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This makes sense given that you can't have a set up similar Flight of Passage where they also make you essentially ditch all of your belongings.

The version in Shanghai has the small compartments on board and they work well – though rather than lockers, a cast member brings a cart out before each train is loaded and then places it at the exit. I guess that was deemed too much of a faff for the US.

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Or perhaps there's a cultural difference in how willing people are to steal your ****.

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^ I'd say that's more likely. I keep getting emailed the story of the person that recently broke into the Magic Kingdom and stold some cell phones. They made it known its not his first time being caught.

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I don’t know if I would go that far but I guess the threat of the CCP might keep people in line.

When I was in Japan people saved their table at restaurants with their belongings. Purses, shopping bags, cameras, etc. Universal still used lockers for Flying Dragon and Hollywood Dream though.

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I could have sworn there were lockers in Shanghai when I attempted to ride Tron, together with a no-articles policy, but this was years ago. I couldn't find one that was (a) empty and (b) worked, and was horribly jet lagged, so I gave up. I may also not have understood what was going on, thanks to the jet lag plus generally not understanding the language.

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