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Friday, May 17, 2002 7:04 PM


Never go to this park on this day unless it is going to rain. It is packed and you could notice why wtih the ride times why rain was a savior this day.

First off we quickly went back to THE VORTEX only to find the line was 45 mins. but we hopped in line anyway. Fun ride and a LITTLE smooth. 4

Next we decided to get our lunch. Pretty good hamburgers actually.

Then we headed off for Son of Beast. Now the rain had picked up a little but only to a minor sprinkle. Line was about 45 mins. but well worth it. I cant get enough of this ride and this was my 17th lap of the year but rain does
hurt on this ride. 5

My friends poked around to figure out what we wanted to do next and we decided on The Beast. On the way we stopped by the Flying Eagles which i am a master at. I had the things so high i knocked some branches off of those
treees right behind it. This ride is a 5 for me.

So we arrive at The Beast to find a 30 min. wait. PKI is really killing this ride with those new brakes all over the track everything is so slow. 4-

Now my two friends decide they dont want to ride anymore rides(only 2 and we didnt leave till 4:30) so they began working on the packet we had. I said forget that and left them for 35 mins(do it 3 different times while they stay
in the same spot) The rain has also picked up a lot now.

I snatch another quick ride on the Vortex for a 5 min wait. After i hit the Eagle Flyers again. Twice. I had the cables snapping so much i had a crowd of at least 25-30 satnding in awe looking on. Then after walking on The Beast returned back to my group( next to the Roadside Cafe). They needed some info on Dodgems and since i was drenched,sent me to find out. I kinda skipped this to steal a walk-on to both Racers(3),and a 5 min wait on Adventure
Express(3-). Then i gave the worker the packet of questions and he filled it out for me at the Dodgems.

This time, when i return to the group matt and his dad were getting food for the 3, so guess what the coaster enthusiast like my self does, go gets some more coasters.
Still pouring down rain, i do the Flying Eagles 2 more times and hit the Beast up for 2 more rides before i had to hang up the hat for the day.

My group members had 3 total rides apiece, i had 14 rides(the most anyone on the bus had). Also i took a Scream guy mask and wore it on all the coasters the had on ride photos. I looked hilarious. I also had my own camera on the coasters taking pictures of myself while goin through loops and such.

All-in-all a nice day at the park after it started raining. I was so wet i weighed probably 12 more pounds.

Cameron(LittleCoasterFreak13) Next TR A week in orlando and a stop by SFOG.

Saturday, May 18, 2002 6:14 AM
AWSOME! Great TR! You should stop by Carowinds if its on the way. Maybe we could meet up and ride some rides! Keep those TR's coming!

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