Trip to Six Flags St. Louis 7/20/2016

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I do not fully remember the nitty-gritty chronological details of my time spent at Six Flags St. Louis, so I will break it down by rides. But first, let us start with the fluff.

The weather was perfect, it was warm with cloud cover. When the clouds diverged, we (my family and I) entered Hurricane Harbor.
The nachos I had for lunch were really tasty; the nachos came from a restaurant right outside of the DC Plaza. The food prices are typical for amusement parks, but I believe the Six Flags refillable cup is more expensive than the Cedar Fair refillable container.
The lines that were long are the following: most slides in Hurricane Harbor, Battle for Metropolis, and VR Ninja: New Revolution.
The park itself and is fairly large in size, and we did need to use the map.

Now we can talk rides! Let's go through them. But first, Hurricane Harbor.

Hurricane Harbor was pretty good, having a variety of slides and pools for all ages. If you are in to the water section, definitely stop in at Hurricane Harbor.

American Thunder was probably the biggest disappointment of the trip. The fact that this coaster is in the Top 100 CoasterBuzz Roller Coasters boggles my mind. I found GCI's Prowler and Renegade superior to American Thunder, and considered American Thunder the worst wooden coaster in the park. I rode in twice.

Batman: The Ride was fun! It is a clone, but I really liked it. Maybe I am just a B&M Invert type of guy, who knows. However, I do not think this coaster is near the peak of the list in the best B&M invert list. I rode it thrice.

Boomerang was closed because it derailed in May. It frustrates me I lost a credit, but I will let you decide if you would like it. A standard Vekoma Boomerang, at least I think...

Fireball was a good hang upside down ride. I like these rides more than looping pirate/Viking ships because it feels more like you are on a roller coaster. I rode it once.

Justice League: Battle for Metropolis was really neat. The visuals, including a full body robot of Cyborg, was jaw dropping. The ride itself was smooth and had bursts of speed and swivel. This is recommended. The line does get long, maybe like a thirty minute wait. I rode it once.

Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast is the BEST RIDE AND BEST ROLLER COASTER AT SIX FLAGS ST. LOUIS. The theming, launch, smoothness, direction change, speed, and operations were top notch. The ride is short though. However, thrill seekers must ride Mr. Freeze. It is unique and a stand out attraction. Thumbs up to Premier Rides. I rode it twice.

Ninja/New Revolution Virtual Reality is a ride you get to right when the gates open. I say this because my father and I got in line to ride VR, and it was so slow the line was moving backwards (or at least it seemed). We ended up bailing the ride and I did not get the chance to ride it. Yep, there is another credit lost. Nevertheless, I heard Ninja was below average anyway, so it might have been a blessing in disguise.

Screamin' Eagle I thought was better than American Thunder. The drop and air time are felt more. Also the ride had a good duration. It was fast and hilly, and overall a surprisingly good experience. Do not let the age of the coaster fool you. I rode it twice.

SkyScreamer I did not get a chance to ride. If this is a roller coaster page, hopefully I do not offend too many people. It looked cool, and I guess I will leave the rest up to you and your judgments on this ride. My guess is it is similar to other rides like it in the Six Flags community.

Superman: Tower of Power was AWESOME! The restraints I like better than the S&S ones, and it is a smooth drop. Really, it is more of a push down back to solid ground than a drop. The feeling of free fall protrudes more on Superman than other towers. I would say out of all the drop towers and space shots that fill into this category, Superman spills out as the best. Do not ride this after eating. I rode this twice.

The Boss is the best wooden coaster in the park, and for some maybe the best ride overall. The ride row is crazy intense, and the coaster runs a long lap. Drop, air time, and speed were all evident. Finally when you think you are near the end, you are spun through a double helix. The G's are so powerful that you get hit with spit from the front row riders. The front is smoother. I will say this coaster matches its hype. I rode it twice.

Xcalibur is in the same box as SkyScreamer. Refer three paragraphs up for my two cents on the ride.

I will not go into too much detail on the train, Ferris wheel (Colossus), carousels or log flume. They were all there and gave me the same experience any duplicate ride of theirs would. I will say the Ferris wheel is big, hence it's name.

Pandemonium was unpreparable. You really cannot see where the track is as you spin and drop your way through the course. Personally I liked it and would ride it multiple times. Today I rode it twice.

River King Mine Train has good news, ok news, and bad news. The bad news is that the cars have no padding except the side of the train. You are sitting on metal with a metal restraint: Ouch. The OK news is----the ride is a mine train. The good news is the final drop is in the dark and speeds down fairly well for the type of ride it is. I rode it once.

The Joker Inc. is a Pirate/Viking ship ride. I thought out of all the ship rides I have ridden, this one falls below the others. I rode it once.

The three water rides, Thunder River, Tidal Wave, and Log Flume you can listen too your first instincts. They are what you I vision them to be. No tricks. I rode each of these rides once.

I seriously think you should come to this park. If you do, come on a weekend. I think it might be better than some of the smaller Cedar Fair parks, for this is a smaller Six Flags park. Please check my track record in the next 2-3 days to get a better picture where the coasters stack up. Thanks!

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The Boss is a wonderful thing. I hope they never Rocky Mountain it.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

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