Trip To CP (14.5 Hours =1 Ride on TTD)

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OMG... I went to CP finally and the first day they had said that TTD would be closed... I got to where the gate was and they were anouncing that it may open later in the day, so I got in line for 4 hours 30 min and finally left when I figuired they wouldn't open it and of course an hour later they did.

The next day I went to CP and went in the side entrance and got in line for TTD. Finally after I waited 5 hours I got into TTD and got the first train and WOW was it a great ride...

Later in the day me and my friends decided that we should wait again for the ride. We waited about an hour when the breakdowns started to occur... as the breakdowns kept happening the people kept leaving. When we were right near the gate they made a final test run and the train made it to the very top of the hill and sadly fell back down. This was at the 5 Hour mark. They kicked us all out of the line and gave us 2 silver tickets for any rides except TTD, and and one silver ticket for TTD.

I waited for a total of 14 hours and 30 minutes for TTD and all I got was one ride. Is there anyone out there with such stories?

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I seriously doubt it. I don't think ANYTHING would be worth waiting in line that long. Not TTD, X or anything else.

I do remember hearing about someone here on CoasterBuzz waiting 8+ hours for Son of Beast very shortly after it opened.

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Nasai and I waited for 5+ hours. It was worth every second. We talked to some cool people in line which made it pass fairly quickly, and it turned out to be the greatest ride ever built. I would do it again in a second, but I can't think of another ride I would wait that long for.

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You may think that I am lying but I am serious... There were people posted right outside of TTD telling us that they dont know if TTD will open... But with that no one left for a while. The second attempt it was moring and I sat and met a girl and we played cards so that 5 hours went fast and I got the first train of the day. Me and my friends wanted another ride so we attempted to ride again and waited another 5 hours until everyone was kicked out while they repaired TTD. And we got silver tickets
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Son of the Beast is a little more reliable than TTD. I wouldn't of had to wait that long if it wasn't broke down all the time.

so was it worth the 14 1/2 hours for the single ride? I went to Cedar Point on Friday and again on Monday and got a grand total of 0 rides on TTD. I was so dissapointed after seeing the ride testing in the morning and hearing about it opening on Saturday.

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I went to CP last saturday, and sunday...when we went to check in at Breakers express they still had the "TTD will not be working..." sign up. But a lady behind me said shed been in the park and they were running the trains...Anywho, come sunday, they opened it at like 11 or 11:15 or so, and it was for a GOLDEN HOUR... thank god for us walking past the ride when they opened up the gates, BUT once in line, they ended shutting the entrance and just letting the line run itself through the ride. Would I wait for 14.5 hours? Not a shot in hell, eve though I did drive from Boston, i couldnt see paying all that money to get there and then blowing all my time waiting. Albeit TTD is an AMAZING ride, dunno, just couldn't see waiting. But if you check the CP page, their "we are running" letter explains that (and im paraphrasing here) "with new rides, technical difficulties do occur, the ride may be down, or may just be running slow so we can figure out what to fix, etc....."

just my two cents...

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Was it worth it you ask... YES it has to be one of the greatest rides ever. Just imagine on top when you look DOWN on Millennium Force. IT was worth every second of the wait. And while in like I met some peeps to talk to so it wasn't that bad.
i was there mon-fri and got 2 rides on ttd on wed and of them which included front seat. well worth the wait

I've waited a total of 6.5 hours for my 3 rides on TTD (one of which was in the front), and that seems like a lot of time. I can't imagine waiting 14.5 hours!

Like yourself, a good deal of that time was waiting while the ride was shut down. Around 2 hours and 45 minutes worth of downtime in line for me.

As for whether it's worth the wait, it's hard to say. My wait for my first ride was 2 hours, and that was definitely worth it. But aftter a ride in the front (worth the extra wait by the way), and another 3 hr. wait, I said I wouldn't wait long for it again.

But when I went back last weekend, I couldn't resist waiting even when there was no guarentee the ride would open. (it did after an hour + 15 minute wait, then 15 min. wait to the ride) So I'd say that for a ride like TTD, it seems like it's so exciting, that one can't help but be willing to wait for it. Just my observation.

Take care and God bless!

I was willing to wait as long as I had to when I went. The ride was shut down when I was still pretty far back because of wind, but I was going to stay in the line until I got on the ride or was kicked out of line. After three hours everyone was told to leave the line and we were all given exit passes good for any ride. Two days later I finally got on it, and it was worth every second of the wait.

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masta, Son of Beast had plenty of problems and was quite unreliable in the year 2000, its opening year. It had a one train operation for most of that season and was often closed all day. In fact, if I recall corectly, it was closed down 4 days after it opened. It was down all day on the one day I went to PKI in July of 2000.

Also, I realize you didn't CHOOSE to wait 14.5 hours for one ride, just stating my opinion that I don't think anyone else HAS waited that long.

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We were lucky enough to get a total of 4 rides on 6/18-19, two in the front, one in the middle and one in the back row. The first ride was a 7 hour wait total and it would have been much longer if a certain VP didn't save the day for us - more details to come in a TR.

We joked about having the choice of having a half-hour wait for MF or a 4-hour wait for TTD and decided hands-down we'd take the wait for Dragster! You can read all the posts in the world but you have no idea how insane this ride is until you've experienced it first-hand.

And really waiting all day wasn't that big of a deal, it was day 3 of 5 at CP and having a day off my feet BS-ing with other enthusiasts actually turned out to be a good time, but not for all. The two guys in the front of the line on Wednesday were from Florida and the guy after us had to be at work in Pittsburgh the next morning at 7:00 and they never got their rides.

The drama and anxiety surrounding this ride is incredible both from the perspectives of patrons and park management alike - *everyone* wants this fantastic coaster to operate reliably and safely.

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I waited about 7 hours for TTD this past wednsday. I was at CP tuesday too, but I was dissapointed by the test runs and it never oppened. So after getting some great rides in on tuesday, I decided to test my fate and patience and waited out side TTD, just hoping it would open. I was camped out side of it with about 20 other people from about 11:00 to 5:30. At that point, one of CP's employes that was working at TTD told the remaining people waiting that it would be open around 7:30. I did a stupid thing, but it worked out. I then left and jumped in line for raptor. It took 30 mins. for a front seat ride, then i ran back to TTD. The line already had begun, although there wasn't many people infront of where I had just entered. I waited about another hour and after test runs, IT OPPENED! I was sooooo happy, but then nervous too that it would break down.

About 20 mins. after it oppened I got a front row seat and BOOOM!!!!! It was well worth the wait. I don't know words strong enough to describe it.

But then about 40 min. after it oppened, what i feared had happened, it broke down again. Boy were the CP staff pissed. The manager was there and he was bright red. Looked like he was about to kick the damn thing to hell.

I got ride though and I am happy, its just a shame to see this puppy down so lllloooonnnnggggg.

Was anybody else from cb waiting in that line before ttd oppened on this past wednsday?

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Zima - if the saturday your refering to is 6/21, then your a bit mistaken. I was there Fri, 2:00 - closing, and Sat open - close. On saturday, all 6 trains were on the transfer tracks all day long without a single test run. Not only that, but there wasnt a single ride op to be found in the station or at the entrance que.

1. Millennium Force
2. HypersonicXLC
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If you all think that a almost 15 hour wait was long then your a mistaken... Once I rode the ride it had to be the one of the best times of my life... when else can you look down on Millennium Force, besides helicoper...


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If I went NOW, it would be closed. I'll wait until it's open thankyouverymuch! ;)

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what day was this?

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