trip to cedar point in early june 2012

Last summer I had a very good cedar point trip. I was going to post a trip report about it, but I forgot. Now I finally remembered!

I went on a Sunday, which actually wasn't a mistake. The lines weren't bad at all. I also had early entry to the park. I took advange of that.

Being my first cedar point trip of that year, I got to the park a half an hour before early entry. I entered through the back entrance neer magnum. When the early entry to the park opened I ran to maverick and got the frount seat.

Maverick, millenium, and raptor were the big early entry coasters that day. Anyways, maverick was running VERY well that day. Not as rough as usual. It was also great to ride in the front seat. The first drop is what makes that good.

After maverick, I went to millenium, which never gets old. Its probably my second favorite coaster ever behind voyage. After millenium, I went to raptor. Raptor is my favorite invert, but I am going to carowinds soon and I will ride afterburn. Maybe afterburn might beat out raptor. I don't know. After raptor I went to see if ttd was open yet. It was 9:45 and Top thrill sometimes opens before 10:00 even though its never early entry. I guess they just open it when its ready. Ttd was open, but just as I was lining up it broke down. It now was 10:00 and I rode power tower to wait for ttd to open again.

Like all the other rides I had rode to this point, power tower was walk on. Then, to my luck, ttd was fixed and I rode it with a 25 minute wait. That was the longest wait of the day. I like ttd, but it is a unique ride. Its more of an experience then a coaster. After that I rode magnum. Walk on line. How does magnum get walk on lines? Its an amazing ride. I rode magnum twice before I went to gemini. Gemini didn't run very well at least on the blue side. It was very rough that day. After that I rode skyhawk three times and then rode the mine ride. The reason I rode that is that the person I was going to the park with really liked the mine ride for some reason. He liked the big rides too, but the mine ride was his favorite mine train coaster. I personally don't like it.

After the mine ride it was about 11:45 and I have had one non walk on all day. I ate lunch and went to mean streak. Mean streak is an ok ride, but it wasn't running very well. Two people on our train threw up while the train was stopped at the block brake section right before the station. One of the ride attendents had to walk on the track side rail to clean it. One of the two people who threw up was the person I was visiting the park with. Lunch than mean streak in a row wasn't a good choice for him. We then rode thunder canyon. That's an ok raft ride that we got pretty wet on. After that we rode maverick again. I had a 20 minute wait.

By now it was 12:45. We decided to get wet again, for it was 90 degrees outside. We rode shoot the rapids. Awesome! After shoot the rapids we decided to go to the frount of park. The lines near millinium looked long, so we went and rode blue streak, ttd again, power tower again, maxair, disastor transport, and wicked twister. All of those had under 15 minute waits.

By now it was 3:00. We went back to the millenium area and I rode millenium, iron dragon and mantis. (Mantis is terrible) then we ate dinner. It was now 4:30. We went back to the magnum/ttd section and rode magnum, corkscrew, ttd twice, and power tower. Now it was 6:00. Then we went back and rode millenium one last time and left. I rode every rollercoaster in the park except junior gemini, which I was too tall for any ways and I didn't ride woodstock express. It was a great trip to cedar point!

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Do they sell paragraphs in CP's souvenir shops? If so, you should have bought some.

15 minute wait for TTD? Wow, you lucked out.

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Help us out a little, buddy. Just break that "wall of text" up a little bit by separating it into paragraphs. Also, please use your browser's spell check to fix the silly misspellings (like "frount.") No one is perfect, but just a little more effort and this will be easier to read, meaning more replies and more discussion. lol Don't read this the wrong way; it's a pleasure to have you here.

I fixed the paragraph thing. Sorry.

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You said lunch, then Mean Streak wasn't such a great idea? How about riding that many rides before lunch, then eating, maybe being the main factor in your friend tossing their cookies?

I can hardly ride that many rides in the entire day, let alone before lunch. But, I'm old. Sounds like you had a good time.

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Yeah, the amount of rides we rode is why we left at six. We counted about 25 rides we rode. I've never had a day at cedar point where we rode so many and didn't even stay the whole day.

The person I was with said that raptor was the biggest factor to him throwing up.

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