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Park: Waldameer Park & Water World
Date: 07.13.02

We got there about 1 pm, just about at park opening. The park was crowded for what it sometimes is, which I usually don't go on a weekend, but hey, a trip to a amusement park is not one to turn down. When we got there the first place we went was the water part of the park.


For the most part its a very good water world for a small park such as Waldameer. We first hit the "Midnight Plunge" and "Awesome Twosome" slides (black & green tubes). They are as they were in past years, turn right, turn left, turn right, splash. I enjoyed MP because of the fact of the slides being black and enclosed you can not see whats ahead but at some sections where the slide turns to a green color for a second, just to give some light. We then hit the bobsled type slides, they for the most part, have gotten better due to the fact that they have increased the speed the water is pumped out at the top, once our tube flipped while on a turn, i think they are pretty good. We didn't hit the racing bobsled slides or the speed slides.


The first thing we hit was the Sea Dragon (swinging ship), a good ride, if you get the back, pretty mediocre if you ride anywhere else. Next was Ali Baba (flying carpet), also a good ride if you get the front of it, if you ride in back, the only thing to enjoy is the airtime on the way down, there is no view. We also rode the Paratroopers, Spider, Wipeout, and the Chance Gondola Wheel. Next we hit the Wacky Shack, which according to the local newspaper in Erie was rated the best Dark Ride in America. The WS had the longest line of any ride in the park, we waited 30 mins. I think the wait is whats annoying because of the stupid voice that repeats, "Hello Earthlings, theres a few rules you must obey before entering my house..." it's supposed to be scary, but its not, just like the voice on the Sea Dragon, "Here are some rules to make your voyage on my ship a safe jouney...never throw things your you be forced to walk the plank, disobey any rules and you'll be leaving in leg irons", but anyways, they Wacky Shack was all in out a good ride, except for the LOUD siren and the BRIGHT light before the dip above the station. Thunder River was next on our hit list, not that long of a line, especially at night, before the park closes we got 3 rides in 10 minutes. Great ride for a small park like Waldameer. The Comet has always been a good ride, especially when your last woodie ride was on Mean Streak, lol. Very smooth, because there is no speed, only like a 30 foot drop but a good junior coaster.


As for construction on the new CCI woodie "Ravine Flyer 2" that Waldameer is trying to get, which was going to have its station behind Sea Dragon, there has been no noticable construction, besides the flags that marked the track paths for the coaster have been taken out, but there is a pile of wood behind the Sea Dragon, and red and blue coaster trains, but don't get your hopes up like i didn't, for i knew they weren't for the coaster, because they never show up before constructions complete, to get a better view of the trains I rode the train, and when we got to the trains, they look as if they were old Comet trains, because they were exactly the same, looked a little wider, but they had the same lap bars, and total train design, just with red and blue chipping paint on it.

Well that was my trip to Waldameer, hope you enjoyed it!

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Great TR! Sounds like a lot of cool flats!

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Good TR, glad you had a good time!

Good Times!! Good Times!!

Nice TR! Sounds like a fun park!


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