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Hi Buzzers! It's ol' John Peck here.

The wife and I are taking a Mexican Riviera Cruise which Ports out of San Diego and we decided to spend a few days after the ship gets back to enjoy some of the local parks. We are flying into San Diego, but driving up to LA and flying out of there.

We have hotel reservations already with a great Travel Agent discount.

I have been out to Cali. twice and have been to most of the parks. We are staying in the LA area mostly, so we won't be getting out to CGA or SFDK this time.

Here are the obstacles I am facing at this point in my life:

• I am currently UNEMPLOYED, but we booked this when I was working (non-refundable) and Im trying to stay on a strict budget. We are getting an 8-day cruise for $580 for BOTH of us. (Plus insurance and transfers)

• I'm a big fella (mostly in the legs and theigh's)... I had problems on Raptor's test seat but that ride doesn't have the big boy seat (duel seatbelt), which I can get on. I've been on a strict diet the last couple weeks as well, but I'm sure the cruise won't help. I'm going to ask some restraint-specific questions.

So, heres my plan....

Our ship lets us off on Wednesday morning, the 12th, we are skipping Legoland, Belmont Park, Adventure City and Sea World. Pacific Park will only have the Ferris Wheel open this day, we've been there too.

Wednesday 12: We are driving to the LA area and this is our questionable day. I looked into Universal, but its $54 with my wifes travel agent discount, and they only have 1 coaster. Plus, I'm also waiting for Transformers. So I'm not sure what to do this day. We may take this day and spend some time at Knotts.

Thurs and Fri 13/14: Disneyland Parks.. Full Days

Saturday 15: Knotts and Castle Park
Advice: how small are the restraints on Pony Express & the Sidewinder, also what are the restraints like on the new Castle Park Spinner?

Sunday 16: SFMM
Advice: How tight is X? Will Collosus have the Psyclone trains on or will they put the Morgans back? What type of bar does the Morgans have (I forgot)? Tatsu is another fear.. how much lee-way does that have for bigger riders? Whats the restraint like on Goldrusher?

Knowing how the lines can be, Im trying to spend as little time as possible waiting to not be able to ride.

Other advice on SFMM: I know they have a strict loose article policy, I have a small camera case around my belt loop, I don't take pictures on the rides, but I don't want to have to check my camera all day. Is that allowed on?

I have been there once (in 2002) so I know the park layout, but what would you suggest be my best plan of the day (ride capacity, etc)? Can we leave the parking lot and return without being charged again, or are food prices manageable?

Are the lines decent on an off-season Sunday? They are open until 8pm.

If any of you Buzzers may be there, it would be cool to meet you.

Monday: Fly Back to Ohio

So, as you can see, we are trying to use our time as well as we can, do you have any advice for the parks on those days? What things do you recommend we do as an alternative? Any dining options or show options?

Thanks in advance, JP.

I haven't ridden the Pony Express but it has the same restraints that are on its sister coaster OCC MotoCoaster at DL and they fit me fine (big guy here). The restraints are very forgiving as they come up to your back and click in place. The same type of restraint that is on the Cosmic Chaos at Kennywood. Also something to note on Raptor. I couldn't fit on the test seat this year but decided to stay in line with my son until he got on. I quickly tried the actual seat as he got on and the restraint fit me fine.

I'm thinking you have a pretty good shot of fitting into Sidewinder. I rode it with no problem in February, and I'm on the largish side. (Pony Express was still being built when I visited.)

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