Trip advice for SFGrAdv and Dorney Park

I'm planning a trip to SFGrAdv and Dorney Park on July 18th and 19th. I got most of the trip planned, but I have a few questions. I have a six flags season pass and saw that I could get into the park an hour early. Will my friends be able to get into with me, just one of them or none of them? I haven't been to the park since 2000 and wanted to know which ride to go for first. I was thinking Superman and KK, but figured I'd ask from people who have been there more recently.

Now as far as Dorney same question, which rides do I hit first? We're also gonna hit up the waterpark while we're there. This will be my first visit to Dorney Park ever.

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I did this exact same trip last year. As far as SF, I would do Superman first, as the lines get ridiculous about an hour after opening, so thats a good plan.

As far as Dorney, you dont need a plan. You'll be able to do every coaster multiple times, with Steel Force probably being your longest wait, but compared to SF you'll feel like youve got the place to yourself. We stayed in Allentown for a week and went to Dorney at least 3 times, and each visit it was dead (we;re used to Cedar Point traffic...very comparable to SFGradv)

Have fun :)

Avoid Talon at opening, everyone goes to that first. For the waterpark, either go early in the day or a few hours before closing. Those 2 times tend to be the emptiest but the waterpark generally is crowded, especially compared to the amsuement side. Nothing on the amusement side ever has a wait longer than 20 minutes or so on a weekday (Thunder Canyon and Thunder Creek Mountain are usually the worst since they are water rides)
I went early to SFGRADV last Thursday. They only open two of the coasters early, the rest of the rides are closed. I have never tried to take anyone else in early but a guy in front of me showed his pass and told the girl, "these are my guests today", and she let them through. He had three or four others with him. I ended up riding El Toro and then headed over to Kingda Ka to get in line early so I could get on without much wait. I think Toro is usually one of the early opening coasters, at least on Thursdays.
We always ride Superman near the end of the day and never have a long queue. We like to do Kingda Ka first since it tends to break down a lot. Then we go to Medusa and usually ride it multiple times. If you get there soon enough, there won't be anyone in the queue and they let you ride multiple times without getting off. El Toro is a line eater, but make sure you ride in the morning and at night. It's like a different coaster at night.
In both cases though, get there early! As mentioned, most of the peeps at Dorney will head to the waterpark if it is a sunny and hot day. You can always chill out there towards the end of hte day or if you've done everything you've wanted to by mid day.

Unless you are travleing with young children or if you or your group are severe animal lovers, you can bypass the safari at Great Adventure, even though I think it opens earlier than the main park.

They no longer allow cars to travel into the baboon section which was histerical watching the troop dismantle anteneas, soft roofs, and winshield wipers of peeps refusing to read or beleive the posted signs. That was the best part of the safari, but it no longer is an option. (You can see some of the safari from Rolling Thunder, El Toro and for a split second, Ka.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Well I have no plans on doing the safari. We are staying at the Burlington Inn Best Western Tuesday night. It will be just me and my 2 army buddies who ave never been to either of the parks. So I'm hoping they allow them with me for the early entry. Any word on whether Batman will finally be open by then?

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