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I'm heading out to Michigan to help a buddy move out there. I'll have 2 days in the area. My options are Michigan Adventure or Six Flags Great America. Which do you guys perfer and why?

Also please let me know what I should not miss at the park. I'm currently reading through some trip reports.


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It all depends on where in michigan you are helping him move to.

I live 45 min north of detroit, and it takes me 3 1/2 hours to get to michigans adventure.

Michigans adventure is a nice park, but not that big unless you plan on doing the waterpark as well.

Six flags is a big park and has some decent coasters, but is going to cost you a lot more not to mention the extra driving time.

I recomend checking out some trip reports on both parks before making your mind.

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Grand Rapids is where he is moving to. I do have a Six Flags Season pass.


You do realize that without traffic (which never happens) your trip to SFGAm would be roughly 3 hours and 40 min right? That 40 min too far out of my day trip range personally. MIA is much closer, and it has Shivering Timbers which is worth a trip (especially if you are that close) all by itself.

Hey Touchdown,

I just got his address and actually ran a mapquest and see that now. I was using the RCDB parks near by locater and it said only 100 miles. I guess thats if I fly over Lake Michigan.

Michigan Adventure it is!

Anything there I should not pass up?


Shivering Timbers.

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