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I'm heading out to Conn. to see a friend, and we are going to do SFNE, SFGAdv, and Kings Island. We are going to SFNE Thursday, then deciding on Great Adventure or Kings Island for Friday, and the other for Saturday. Does anyone have experience as to which of these parks has the lighter Saturday crowd? Right now we are leaning towards doing Kings Island Friday, Great Adventure Saturday to avoid a long drive home Saturday night (5:55 am flight Sunday morning).


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Seems like you are passing up a whole state (PA) with arguably better rides and service than either KI or SFGAdventure.

In addition to Lake Compounce... and probably some more I am missing.

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I really hope you mean Kings Dominion, because Kings Island is a really long way from CT.

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I thought that Kings Island was possibly in between where they lived and their destination of CT.

But now that I read it again, it kind of makes sense that he/she is talking about Kings Dominion. Kings Island is in Cincinnati, and is about 11 hours from SFGAdv, which is a really long drive for a one day trip to a park. lol Kings Dominion, on the other hand, is only about 6 hours away from SFGAdv, which is still a pretty long distance for a one day trip.

Keeping that in mind, I'd say go to Hersheypark, Knoeblels, or even Dorney if you are going to be in that area. Kings Dominion is just too far away from CT, in my opinion.

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Edit: what Travis said (he sneaked that in there).

I'd suggest SFGadv maybe Friday and Lake Compounce Saturday.

Kings Island is at least a ten hour drive from where you'll be and Kings Dominion is at least six or seven hours from where you'll be. Doubt you can or would want to fo that kind of driving and spend the day at the park. Where will you be staying?

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In my experience Great Adventure has terrible weekend crowds but they do have virtual queue which might be be a wise investment on an August Saturday.

Yeah, I can't see visiting CT and not hitting Compounce. You could even stop by Quassy and take a few spins on Wooden Warrior..terrific ride.

As others said, maybe you meant Kings Dominion, not Kings Island. I'd suggest Hershey instead of either of the Kings, but it depends on your itinerary and where you're from. I was a little freaked out..I was at GAdv this past Sunday..a SUNDAY in AUGUST..and there was almost literally no one there!

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