Trims on Timber Wolf

Real life has kept me from being able to do much traveling or riding or really keeping up with things in years. Can’t evrn remember the last time I posted here so apologies for what might be something from long ago. But I saw the POV of TW without the helix. I didn’t see the two trims on the first hill. When were those removed?

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Well they were moved from the first drop to just after the first turn around. New trims were added to just after the uphill section after the new turn around and another set right before the final turn around. So currently Timber Wolf is trimmed in 3 spots.

However she's been running great with the new turn around. It's worth giving her another ride.

Chris Knight

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Timber Wolf is a "he".

Promoter of fog.

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It's 2018. Call Timber Wolf "zie", else risk offending aer.

And yeah, I had to look those up...and I'm still probably wrong.

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