Treatment of new members.....

Sunday, July 4, 2004 1:09 PM
i really had a tough time deciding whether i was going to post this or not, as i will probably get flamed to no end for it, but im going to say what i want to say anyway, so here goes....

I have noticed lately that the treatment of new posters here in the forums has really gotten out of hand. New members will sign on and sometimes ask questions and make comments that, to you and me, may seem unintelligent, but to them, makes perfect sense. I understand that there is a TOS, but usually comments made are from a new member that didnt violate anything in the TOS. but what upsets me is the way alot of u just belittle new people if they say something that you think is "dumb". that is so assinine.

I've been a cbuzz member for three years now, and i have seen many new members come on board. many of them made rediculous statements that were just open to hateful comment. however, many of those once new members are now the ones "throwing stones", if you will.

i can name off a few people recently ive seen doing this, but im not gonna gossip. u know who you are. next time youre about to flame a new member, remember the first time you started here, and the way you were treated. we are a community, with a common love/hobby, and i see no reason for us to be hateful and nit-picking towards each other. im hoping that a lot of you will read this and do an attitude check, and really think about how you treat other members here at Coasterbuzz....

thanks for your attention....Tim

Sunday, July 4, 2004 2:06 PM
First off, Tim, you know better than anyone that if you post "u" that you won't be taken seriously.

Second, the Internet has been around long enough now that it should be obvious that you lurk and get to know a community before you start posting.

Finally, we have a higher standard here in terms of conversation. The people that get flamed are the people that fail to communicate or ask ridiculous questions about weather and crowds (or worse, fail to look for obvious information themselves before asking).

You know the drill... if it bothers you there are plenty of other places to go.


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