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Monday, August 7, 2006 9:38 AM
We arrived at Camperland across from Conneaut at about 1pm and got our site set up. It was a beautiful weekend for camping. The grounds were clean and the shower areas were okay.

After setting up, we hit the park. It looked better than last year. We didn't see any trash or junk anywhere. The rides looked good. One thing that stood out: Security. I saw more guards there than i ever did at Geauga Lake. I think we counted like, 10-12 guards, which seemed odd as they have more guards than adult rides. I wonder if they've had problems with theft.

The Bug: It's back and in full swing! It's an awesome ride. The 'eyeball lights' even worked and looked great at night. I missed the sound that ride makes. Hard to believe it's been over 5 years since it last ran.

BlueStreak: We took about three runs on it. I wish we would've been in the last car when it came detached from the rest of the train. (we saw this from the station for the train ride).
My daughter was taking a pic as it came over one of the bunny hills and like, a few seconds later, here comes the last car. The peeps in their looked like they were having the time of their lives.
Great Classic in the BlueSTreak. I hope it runs for more years to come.

Flyingscooters: My favorite, go figure. We rode those about 20 times. We actually got 'em to snap a few times when the winds picked up later in the evening. Toward the end of the night, the op gave extended times on it, which was nice.

Devils Den: Don't ask me why, but i like that ride. I don't think it's ever scared anyone, but it's still a must ride.

Dodgems: more cars on it than last year, which is good to see. It was running good, sparking with nice hits. NO BUMPING!!! LOL

Food: park fries were the usual.
We ate on the deck, where they had huge pits for Italian sausage and burgers cooking. I had the sausage and it was one of the best i had. the cost was average.

The Beach: The beach was mobbed. The park opening a lower bar-area really made a differance there. There were people playing volleyBall, frisbee and tossing a football around. Music was being blasted from the bar, giving the beach area a festival feel. People parked their boats by the bouys and waded in to the beach. The lake looked clean.

The crowd was fairly large for Conneaut. Rides lines were about 1-2 runs longs per ride, which is long for them. The Waterslides were the busiest I've ever seen them.

ATMs: NONE. If you need money, you have to stop at the Midway ticket booth.

All told, I got a much better feeling at the park this year than last year. The employees seemed attentive. If every weekend were as crowded at this weekend was, they should be getting back on track. Even the bathrooms seemed cleaner, which last year was a nasty thing about the park.

Go to Conneaut. I see a comeback here, which after last year, is great to see.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006 3:28 PM
I was there this week. The park looks really good and is doing a great job of restoring its old rides such as the Tumble Bug and the Iron Horse train.

All of us should make an effort to get to some of the older traditional parks. There's something to be said about experiencing those historic rides that many of these parks have.

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