Trains for Kings Island Beast, Cedar Point Corkscrew, getting original paint treatment

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The Beast at Kings Island icon is turning 40 this year and the park wants to celebrate the big day with a little 70s nostalgia. The trains will be painted in their original red, orange and yellow color scheme.

Read more from WLWT/Cincinnati.

Right now, Corkscrew's trains are getting some additional cosmetic love. And I'm not talking foundation and eyeliner - it's love that dates waaaaay back to its early years. Our folks at the sign shop (who do so much more than signage) and our painters wanted to add a little something special to Corkscrew while the trains were being repainted. The opportunity presented itself, and here we are.

Read more and see photos from Cedar Point: OnPoint.

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Cedar Point has done an excellent job with this. They are down to two trains now and the red one will have blue and white graphics and the blue train will have red and white. They really look nice- it’s one of those things that makes you wonder how many will notice, and you’d have to be up in years to actually remember. But if the job needs done it’s certainly better to do it right. A throwback look to the station banners would be nice, too

Kings Island, on the other hand, may be trying to pull the wool with their “original” paint scheme. The PTC’s were modified from the original 5 car, four bench versions. (That’s why the load gates are whopperjawed now- the station and the supports were made to match the train configuration) The original paint scheme started with a red seat and front panel and then it gradually faded seat by seat, through shades of orange then yellow, then finally to green. The last seat and the back of the trains were a bright green. I’ll wait and see, but the current plan seems to be to color block the cars using one shade each of red, orange, then yellow. And if that’s so then it ain’t right.

I know it’s a little picky, and it doesn’t really matter, but I get irritated when anyone claims to be restoring an original look when it’s not. I’m up in years, I was there the first day, and I actually remember.

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Here's a YouTube video from 1979 showing the trains. I miss the original look and atmosphere it had back then. (i.e. The water/pond leaving out of the station.) Too bad I can't ride it nowadays as I have a defibrillator. Defibrillators and roller coasters do not mix. Happy 40th Birthday "The Beast".

The Beast 1979

They're not using the "fade" effect, although it looks pretty good to me in their blog post photo. Two red cars, two orange cars and two yellow cars. Haven't seen the back of any yet to see if the back panel on the last car has the green or not, though.

That said, I wouldn't mind one bit if they kept this scheme instead of reverting to all red, IMO it looks better regardless of being completely true to original or now.

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Some one please correct me if I’m wrong, but is that footage truly from ‘79?

I though the helix’s tunnel wasn’t completed until the ‘80 season.

Featuring the late, great Carl Eichelman- the most famous The Beast rider ever.

And it’s true, cmwein, the underground tunnels changed from three separate to two when the second and third were combined into one continuous tunnel, and the helix was fully enclosed in the second season of operation. Maybe it’s a mashup of vids from different seasons. The story references a coaster convention and KI held ACE’s second Coaster Con to mark the opening of the new ride, so at least Carl’s part looks to be from ‘79.

And I think the new paint job is fine and a welcome change. I just wish they wouldn’t promote it as back to the “original” scheme because it isn’t.

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Some of the coolest news I've heard in a while. I have wondered where the Corkscrew logo was for years. Never thought we'd see the original Beast fade again, so that is extra nice. Like others, I hope it goes to a touch of "spring green" at the end ... and it's the proper fade. More work/money, but man would that look great!

Now if we could lose all that silly train "gear" on the Beast.

Edit - I now see the actual picture with the Beast cars as solid colors. Oh well... it will still be nice.

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