Train derails, tips over, at Silver Dollar City

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Several people were injured Wednesday at Silver Dollar City after sections of a train ride derailed from the track, the park said. Six guests and one employee were transported by ambulance to get medical treatment, the park said in a statement on Twitter. The park did not detail the extent of the injuries.

Read more and see video from WLS/Chicago.

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What a horrific turn of events. Why in the world did the cars detach from the axels like that? Talk about happening at the worst time, it’s most popular season (and the parks busiest) is just around the corner.

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Yeah, I feel like that's a huge fail that is way more than just one of those freak occurrence things.

I believe that is the standard design for the wheels. They are not attached to the train car.

I think you’re correct. It’s not always the case but it’s pretty common especially with heavier rolling stock.

You are correct Shades. Generally the cars are held on the trucks by sheer weight and gravity.

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We were at SDC earlier this year, and I convinced my wife to do Outlaw Run with me. One and done for her. She does not enjoy really intense coasters because she says they make her feel "unsafe." The slow barrel roll at the end really freaked her out. We got on the train later, and I jokingly asked her, "Does this feel more safe?" Pretty scary to see this story. I hope everyone who was injured is OK.

This story also got me researching why the axles are not attached to the rail cars. Interesting lesson in physics.

If physics cause the train cars to no longer be sitting on top of the axles then you have much bigger problems than the connection to the axles.

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