Track arrives for PKI's Italian Job Stunt Track

Posted Thursday, December 23, 2004 9:24 AM | Contributed by pkidelirium

Track has begun to arrive at Paramount's Kings Island for the new Italian Job Stunt Track coaster, which is scheduled to open in 2005. A shipment of track has been delivered to the park, and is currently sitting in the main parking lot. The track is dark in color. The Italian Job, built by Premier Rides, replaces the Antique Cars and Flying Eagles at the Mason, Ohio theme park. Paramount Canada's Wonderland is also building an identical coaster for 2005. Photos of the track are available at Extreme PKI.


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Saturday, December 25, 2004 8:26 PM
A little inapproiate for CoasterBuzz isn't it.
Saturday, December 25, 2004 8:33 PM
I can't believe what I saw when I went to this site. Not that I didn't like what I saw but my little cuz was in my lap and seen it as well. Why hasn't Jeff taken this off yet?
Saturday, December 25, 2004 8:59 PM

::shocked:: i agree

Saturday, December 25, 2004 10:19 PM
What is so wrong... I couldn't find anything bad or inappropriate.
Sunday, December 26, 2004 12:25 AM
They must have deleted the photo or something, nothing was inappropriate.
Sunday, December 26, 2004 7:58 AM
Here is what ExtremePKI had to say about this incident! Looks like some of these people got to see what a hacker can do.

"The EPKI Savior has arrived!
WOW! That was something else! For those of you just joining this broadcast, Extreme PKI was hacked! Many different parts of the site were badly damaged. In addition, mass amounts of pornographic material found their way onto the forums - including the main page! Myself, Drewbari and PKI_Matt are working to resolve this problem. It will be cleared up soon. Stay posted!

Update: The porn and explicit posts have been removed. However many of the topics are scattered together. Like seperating a bag of M&Ms (thats M&Ms, not B&Ms), we must put the topics back where they belong! This process may take some time, but we will get it done... Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you again! "

Copied from ExtremePKI.

Sunday, December 26, 2004 9:49 AM
Some of you need to get a life. I don't sit around and monitor this site 24/7, let alone every site in the news. Furthermore, it was Christmas for God's sake. I never even turned my computer on.
Sunday, December 26, 2004 8:40 PM
And a courteous, 'bah humbug' to you, too. ; )

Monday, December 27, 2004 6:51 AM
Wouldn't anybody familiar with the site have known it was hacked? It's a respectable site.
Monday, December 27, 2004 9:47 AM
Is it just me, or did he just call EPKI "respectable"?
Monday, December 27, 2004 8:39 PM
Yes he did... is that a problem?

Yes, we were hacked, and hacked big time. But it has been completely repaired now, and steps are being taken to quicken the response to any future incidents.

Monday, December 27, 2004 9:28 PM

I'm sorry, but that cracks me up!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004 2:29 PM
Why does it crack you up?
Friday, December 31, 2004 12:04 AM
Jeff, for future news I think it would be best if the sites/news bits were confirmed by you before posting. I understand that is extra work and you may think of this as stupid, but there are alot of younger viewers on this site whose parents may block explicet material but not because it is family freindly. Just a thought.
Friday, December 31, 2004 12:13 AM
What, do you think I'm stupid and just post anything? The site was fine when I checked it out.

Move on already. The kid got hacked on Christmas. Shall I start monitoring all of the sites we link to 24/7?


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