Tra-La-La... What Park Is Featured Here?

Keeping in mind this program ran from 1968-70. Banana Splits Roolz!

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One truly geeky park-related thing I know!

Not sure about the intro, but live-action Banana Splits stuff at amusement parks is either Coney Island (Ohio) or Six Flags Over Texas.

Another piece of greatness at HRP that's now gone :)

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I can answer that without looking at the clip: Coney Island, Cincinnati was featured on the show.

EDIT - I typed "Amusement Parks featured on The Banana Splits" into a Yahoo search window and this was at the top of the search results:

Gonch - yer right. I removed that from my reply.

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Kings Island couldn't have been Moosh. The show quit filming in 1970.

EDIT - that is indeed an eiffel tower in your link though, Moosh. (video at 4:17) Bad info, RGB? Did the Banana Splits run past 1972? Or isn't that the ET in the background of that shot?

Now I'm confused.

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I'm almost certain the flume is SFOT as I don't think Coney had a flume. As for footage of KI, I could swear the end credits mention both Coney and KI. It was you Gonch who made me doubt myself, lol.

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Well, I knew Coney and SFOT. But you seemed so sure and it does looks like the ET in the background of that video. I was taking RGB's word on the 68-70. So let's look that up...

Ok. The show ran from 68-70.

The Banana Splits at Hocus Pocus Park (your link, Moosh) was a movie done in 1972 and does have scenes filmed at KI. But Ki was never featured on the show. Just that movie.

I think that clears it up.

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The show's entry at IMDB only lists Coney. No mention of SFOT.

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The only reason I know SFOT is because a year or two ago I caught an episode on Cartoon Network and they did some scenes at an amusement park suring the show. I waited for the credits out of curiousity and the park credited was SFOT.

Not sure if there's a source online anywhere, but I saw it with my own two eyes in this case.

EDIT - from the site (different page) you originally linked to, Moosh:

Some of the live action segments (specifically those used during the musical segments) were shot at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington (during the first season) and, the following year, at Coney Island located in Cincinnati. In many episodes you would see The Banana Splits riding on the Runaway Mine Train roller-coasters, Log Flumes, Bumper Cars, Merry-Go-Rounds, and many other rides. Contrary to popular misconception, the amusement park scenes in the original series actually were not filmed at Kings Island; Kings Island did not open until 1972, while filming for The Banana Splits Adventure Hour wrapped in 1969. However, some of the rides seen in the series eventually were relocated to Kings Island (following a flood which led to the closing of Coney Island; the park later reopened on a smaller scale) and the live-action scenes in the 1972 production The Banana Splits In Hocus Pocus Park were indeed filmed at Kings Island.

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How to feel old:
Watch the video and actually know every word of the theme song.
Who can name the announcer at the end of the song-Paul Winchell.
That would be me.

I'm starting this day off feeling real old ;)

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Lord Gonchar said:
EDIT - that is indeed an eiffel tower in your link though, Moosh. (video at 4:17) Bad info, RGB? Did the Banana Splits run past 1972? Or isn't that the ET in the background of that shot?

Now I'm confused.

It doesn't look to me like the Eiffel Tower in that clip. If you're right about SFoT, then I'd guess the clip shows the Oil Derrick.

I dug up a old VHS Tape that had the tail-end from this show(I had the timer on to tape another show I wanted to watch), I took a look at the Closing Credits, they say:

"Amusement Park sequences filmed at Six Flags over Texas and Coney Island in Ohio".

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^^^Jo - You're not the only one who's "old" around here. I used to watch the show when it first aired. FYI, Paul Winchell also one of the character voices too. Paul's most well-loved character voice: Tiggger.

Mamoosh said:

I'm almost certain the flume is SFOT as I don't think Coney had a flume. As for footage of KI, I could swear the end credits mention both Coney and KI. It was you Gonch who made me doubt myself, lol.

Coney had a flume. It was built by Arrow in 1968 for Coney, then moved to KI in 1971/72 where it opened as the Kings Mills Log Flume.

However the tunneled drop leads me to believe the flume in the footage is from SFOT as you said--flume #2 (1968) had a tunnel.

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The tunneled flume is SFOT, the other one at 1:26 is the one at Coney. I believe the Slide and the Turnpike are also Coney's.

What makes it tricky is that these "remastered" videos apparently use several different clips pieced together, so it's not the original original (if that makes sense).

Paul Winchell was the voice of Fleegle (the dog). And character actor Allan Melvin was the voice of Drooper (the lion). He's probably best known for playing Sam the butcher in the Brady Bunch-- who also went to Kings Island (stupid Jan and that stupid poster). It's all a tangled web.

The slide and turnpike cars were at Coney Island, as was the funhouse mirror on the midway. Those were the days...

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The dry sack slide remains at Coney...or at least it was up until a couple years ago. I love those things - still remember the giant one at (P)KD. The only better ride at Coney was the Tempest.

Also have to love SFoT's "claim to fame" re: the flume - "The world’s first log flume ride, El Aserradero delivers a riot of water-filled hi-jinks your entire family will love—especially on a hot day in Texas."

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My daughter stumbled across the Banana Splits on Boomerang(throwback cartoon channel owned by the Cartoon Network) this past weekend. We enjoyed watching some of their goofy escapades and a segment of Danger Island! I babbled on about how SFoT and Coney were where they shot the amusement park sequence, and pointed out the names during the closing credits. I remember watching the show as a kid, and I actually have a CD that has the entire song on it, and my kids just about know the words to it now.


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RGB, that makes perfect sense, the intro i remember watching had shots of SFOT only. Dodgems, runaway train, all that- and i remember figuring out (from the little I knew) that it was Six Flags and I wished and hoped I would get there someday and try that thrilling coaster!

I was in high school I guess, but I still loved Banana Splits. (And H R Pufnstuff, of course!)

When I visited Coney in it's last season the Wildcat had been replaced by then by a huge puppet theatre featuring the Sid and Marty Krofft characters. So I guess the Coney connection makes sense, too, I just don't remember ever seeing it on TV.

Rollergator - Coney's original slide was moved to KI when they opened. It sat for years where the Zephyr (Wave Swinger) sits now, then a cut down version of the same slide (2 hills) was positioned in HB Land, then finally removed. None of the rides at the "new" Coney ever operated at the original park - all of the original Coney rides were removed and most of them found a home at KI.

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^Ah, OK, thanks RCMAC. I still occasionally run across the dry slides (American Adventures, Puyallup, Martin's). THe only one I have seen and NOT gotten a lap on was MFI's (too rainy, the entire time we were there) - of course, that meant Silver Comet was flying. Back to Coney, the staff was great, the coaster poor, and the park EMPTY.

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