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Friday, August 10, 2001 4:38 PM
NEW BACKLOT TOUR: 5 minute wait; kinda like i remember it, with the Jaws in the lake, the psycho house, king kong, earthquake, the flood, and it even had new stuff as well, hence the name 'new backlot tour' had houses from tv series, 'the mummy' props, they were recording a new tv show called "Crossing Jordan" so there were many times where we had to sit around and do nothing cause they were recording, so it took about an hour 20 minutes to do the whole thing..We even saw sets for "The Scorpion King", which is coming out next year. It was fun but too long.
ANIMAL PLANET LIVE! SHOW: walk in; kinda cool, i guess..lots of birds, couple of dogs running around poles and ringing bells, and a monkey. 15 minute show, so it seemed a little too short, but a good way to open the park for a few people for a few minutes.
E.T. ADVENTURE: 40 minute wait; Exactly like Peter Pan @ DL, except you're on bikes instead of in a boat. When you go into the ride, you have to give your name to a guy at a computer, and he gives you a ET Card, that you give to the operator when you get on, so ET says (for me) "Thankyou Andy" at the end of the ride...I was thinking of funny names to use instead, but none seemed like theyd get past the computer guy. So if you havent been on ET before, just think of Peter Pan. It was interesting, but not for a 45 min. wait.
WATERWORLD SHOW: walk in; It was funny, had lots of jokes within the dialogue, and thats what helped it really. Actors who played the bad guys went around the audience before it began, and wet people walking by to to watch. But like i said, the jokes made the show just about worth going to see..Besides 2 people fall into water from high up, and a plane falling from the sky, not much im afraid. I found it to be entertaining though.
BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE RIDE: 35 minute wait; lots of head shaking, but an entertaining ride.. I think motion simulators are awesome rides, like Star Tours, Arctic (at sea world) and Back To The Future. They are right where Spiderman @ IOA picked up from, and there will always be something someone likes about these sort of rides. I like them..I would have gone on it more than once, but i wanted to get on Jurassic Park instead of wait another half an hour for it.
JURASSIC PARK: THE RIDE (x2): 25 minute wait & 25 minute wait; 4 words for you - YOU GET SOAKING WET!!!! anyway, id say this was like an extended version of Tidal Wave or Perilous Plunge. You go through a little rout to the big drop, but its really fun along the way..Dinosaurs sneeze on you, and spray venemous crap on you (all water, of course), and you go under passage ways, but youre already soaked before you come to the big drop. There were two little dinosaurs fighting over a Jurassic Park popcorn box, which was kinda funny. Usually, the T Rex pops his head out before you fall into the drop, but it was under repair today, so we only got to hear him growl..But the drop is awesome! hang time is excellent, and you get completely drenched in any part of the 'boat' (we sat in the front row second time around so we could buy a better picture, and i cant explain how wet you get) can buy Ponchos for 75 cents before you get in line, but they dont help much, believe me.....
Excellent day!! I bought a season pass for $6 more than the entry fee...Worth it BIG time! Especially if your Aunt payed for your admission
arrived: 12.00
left : 8.45

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Friday, August 10, 2001 8:03 PM
Cool it's about time we see a trip report at a park besides CP, SFWoA, Kennywood, and SFGA.
Saturday, August 11, 2001 9:55 AM
At USF me and my friend i brought did a funny one. I was first and said my name was Ben and he said his name was Dover. So ET said, "Thank you Ben, Dover,

HurricaneGeauga- Just in case
Sunday, August 12, 2001 11:01 AM
Last time I went, my younger sister, her friend, and I kept riding ET over and over giving funny names each time. That ride is so much fun when you dont have to wait that long and you have people to socialize with.
Sunday, August 12, 2001 11:05 AM
I love giving the guys weird names and the look at you really funny!!

SFMM went from Amusment Park to Xtreme Park.They skipped Theme park :)

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