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Saturday, May 18, 2002 2:26 PM

Just got back from The Great Escape amusement park in Lake George, NY. We ended up getting to the park alittle after noon. (would've been there when it opened but it was snowing here alittle so I figured id wait just incase it was snowing at the park..luckily the park only got some rain!) The rain kept the park attendance down a great deal. I actually think that there were more park employee's in the park today then visitors. All rides were immediate walkons! :)

Once we arrived at the park, we walked in and got checked by security, and then headed for the Boomerang since it was right there. (quick note: the Rainbow is being reassembled!!) The Boomerang seemed very smooth, especially compared to last season! After a few quick rides on the Boomerang we headed for Ghost Town. On the way to Ghost Town, right next to the petting section, there's a red barn house and a stuffed chicken comes out and talks to you, its hilarious todays employee was having a good time with the little kids.

Once we made it to Ghost Town, we basically turned around because the only ride operating there was the Desparado Plunge and the Tornado. The Steamin' Deamon is unable to open because they have yet to finish painting it (Blue/Orange..looks great!) Since we had no intentions of riding the DP or Tornado today (hey it was 46 degree's out!) we decided to check out the Comet.

Before heading to the Comet, I had to walk up near the Raging River to check out GE's only new ride. The TurboBungy. The TurboBungy is a pay attraction..$7 for 3 minutes, and is located right next to the Raging River next to the Matterhorn rock climbing wall. Also the concession stand that used to be there has now been replaced with a permanent little building that sells drinks, cotton candy and popcorn. After taking a few pictures, we headed the long way to the Comet past the Ferris Wheel. Once we passed the ferris wheel, I looked in the area behind the Picnic Grove. Like I had said in past post about the Great Escape, something is going on back in that area. I tried to sneak back there but was yelled at by park security. I did however get one pic but its hard to make everything out. What was visible from where I was though, was some wood, a big old green dragon figure, and the wooden train that was infront of the Comet last season is now in that area. After getting yelled at for taking pictures in that area, we headed for the Comet. There was no line at all, and we stayed on the ride for along time. Me and my friend rode it 62 consecutive times! It was great, because the track was alittle slick from the rain earlier. After riding the Comet a few times, we walked around the park some more, and hit a few other rides and I took a few more pictures before we headed back to Latham.

In all, it was a pretty good time at the park since all the rides that were operating were walkon's. There is something definately going on behind Ghost Town no matter what anyone says, if your ever at the park take a look for youself. There also seems to be something happening alittle farther back before you get to the park afetr coming off Exit 20 of the Northway (its GE's Land) its all dug up and mounds of dirt are everywhere. A few other rides in the park looked as if they were painted. The Rotor has been removed and is nowhere to be seen on the parks land, while the Rainbow is being reassembled.

I have about 30 pictures that I took with my digital cam that I will be posting online within the next weel(just need to find some webspace) if you'd like to see them before, feel free to IM or email me.

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Saturday, May 18, 2002 5:35 PM
Great TR! With all this dirt pushing going around, maybe its GE's big year to officially join the SF family!

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