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Weather forecast was calling for rain and storms all day, but like always, they were wrong! The storms only came in at 4pm and that still allowed us a great day at this awesome park 20 minutes north of Montreal.

Super Aqua Club is divided in 2 sections around a large lake. The Beach Club is a beach where you can party, swim, rent wakeboards, etc. On the other side is the water park. They're completely separate, so the drunk kids on the Beach Club side won't stumble their way on a water slide!

Parking is free and you even get parking attendants! Admission is 30$ (CDN) for everyone 54 inches and up. Those between 48 and 54 inches pay 25$. Under that? 42 to 48 inches kids pay 21$ and the little ones under 42 inches don't pay! Seniors only pay 18$ to get in. So, the pricing is well adapted, since its based on what the kids can do.

We paid our admission and made our way to the middle of the park to rent a locker. 7$ for the one size available, plus a 10$ depot. Not bad cause the locker is pretty big. We then got one of the litterally hundreds! picnic tables and dropped our stuff there. We got a nice spot in the shade and got started on the left side of the park.

We got started on the Tornado. Its the same model as the one present in about every Six Flags waterpark and capacity is very good. They actually enforce a strict 4 people per raft and they won't even let you go up the stairs if you're not a group of 4! Unfortunately, there's no conveyor for the rafts (there are none in the park), but the park balanced that by having just enough rafts to make it that you'll wait on the ground, grab a raft, make your way up and immediately go down. The slide is the usual great Tornado action, but this one is slightly better, since they added some theming around the base of the slide! They litterally emptied a junkyard and laid it around, so you got a trashed school bus, police car, RV (for Sale, anyone interested?) and destroyed windmill.

Next to the Tornado is "Le Marais" (the Swamp). It starts like your normal boring lazy river... But, halfway through, it turns into a river rapid rides with 3 feet waves and tons of water jets that sends you back to the starting point! I guess you could call it the ancestor of the Action Rivers... Awesome ride.

On the other side of the Tornado, there's 2 large slide towers. The smaller of the two has 2 family raft rides that also utilise the cloverleaf rafts for the twisting slide and the green "whirlywheel" 2 passengers raft for the triple down slide. The triple down slide has some really good airtime and is lots of fun. The twisting one is pretty fast and also feature some airtime on the double down at the end. Same thing as the Tornado, the rafts are balanced so that you wait at the bottom, not at the top.

The taller slide tower has 4 slides... Halfway up, you got a Probowl called the "Diablo". Really fast slide, but it hurts your back... It also got the longest lines in the park. On a slow day, the wait was 30-45 minutes. If you're brave enough, you can continue climbing and at the top of the 80-90 feet tower, you got 3 slides. One enclosed vertical, one open vertical and one enclosed and spiralling slide. I refuse to ride the spiralling one since that thing has the sickest turn ever, where you're litterally spinning around the tube! The "Rafales" other 2 slides may look the same... but the open one will leave your back absolutely red! Strangely, the enclosed side is perfectly smooth. Due to an extreme height restriction (60 inches), there's never a line for those 3 slides.

Going back toward the entrance, you can use one of the wooden boardwalk or the concrete paths. There all smooth and don't hurt your feet at all... One benefit of the boardwalk is that it doesn't really burn your feet like pavement or concrete.

You arrive at a small hill. Its covered in slides! First slide you'll see is a kiddy racing slide using tubes. Next to it is what looks like a primitive 2 lanes Proracer with mats. Beware... the airtime on the last hill is insane and will lift you clearly off the slide! Its awesome!

Past that is the "Ile des Pirates" (Pirate's Island) playground with the big water bucket. Its small and not very interesting for adults. We then arrive at the lake and go up the hill. You can either ride one of the 3 body slides, which are pretty average or grab either a single or double tubes. At the top of the hill, you then go down one of the 3 old fashioned concrete slides! The one with the single tube is pure chaos. You go through waterfalls, spin all over the place and almost wipeout a few times! The two slides with the double tubes are just as crazy.

To round off the hill are two simple body slides. You slide down and freefall a few feet into the lake. Pure fun...

We go back toward the lockers and arrive at the wave pool. Next to it are two playgrounds for kids. The wave pool is large and got some really good waves. Plus, you got a bench on one side with jacuzzi jets...

After swimming for a bit, we got out and passed the zipcords and tarzan ropes! Imagine, you hold on to a metal bar, swing out and then let go arriving into a small lake. Unfortunately, I don't have an ounce of agility and almost broke my nose when I arrived face first in the water! But, it sure got a laugh...

After making sure my nose was fine, we continued, followed the beach and arrived at the last slide area.

In this area, you got the new for 2007 "Typhon" (Typhoon). Its a large Behemoth Bowl (like Bakuli at Holiday World) but, the layout of the slide is almost straight and has some insane airtime when you drop down into the bowl and also when you drop out of it! Best slide for me in the park.

Next to it are 2 slide towers. One has 3 awesome tube slides and the other 4 average body slides.

Lines stayed reasonable all day. We skipped Diablo and the longest was 15 minutes for Tornado.

A great day.

Sounds like a sweet waterpark! Great tr!

John Moore

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