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Saturday, May 4, 2002 6:46 PM
'Ello Coaster Fans Who Are Having a GREAT Time!!!

I'm going to make this VERY short since I just got in and I have to get up early for CP tomorrow. SFWoA has a new Head Manager (for those who don't know) and a WHOLE new attitude!! I can tell you I talked to (I think) almost every head manager of the each department today (rides, guest relations, games, food, safety and one or two more). Everyone was VERY nice and the employees actually said yes sir or yes mam and "How may I help you" "Have a GREAT day" "etc!!" The main goal for this year according to all the managers and staff is "Overwhelm the guests with Kindness to the best of their abilities" A few staff members actually took me in hand and walked me over to someone when I had a question and they couldn't anwswer it. I thanked them and told them to keep that great attitude all year long....Anyway, on to the rides. For the first day of operation since winter things were WAY above par!! Almost every ride was working but 'El Derado, Texas Twister and Double Loop (they are replacing the kick release with automatic ones right didn't arrive on time). X-Flight IS reclining on the lift (Wow what a difference) and it was running GREAT!!! X-Flight had two quick cycling trains (nice staff). Mind Eraser was pretty smooth today. Batman could have easily handled 3 trains. Villain only had one train anywhere to be seen (two where on the tracks on Tuesday?). But surprisingly (unlike last year) the lined move very fast for 1 train!! The airtime was unreal in the back I missed that ride over the winter! Serial Thriller was running two trains with new head pads and it was A LOT faster than and smoother than what I remember from last seemed tweaked very nicely! Yo Yo actually has a big line in it's new location (looks nice over there). Tiger Island looks nice and the Tigers were very playful. Mandrin Buffet looks great but won't open untill next week. Dolphins look great in there new home...back at Dolphin Cove. ALL bathrooms were spotless that I visited on both sides. Diamond Rio was AWESOME (and I don't even like country)....and it was free! A lot of landscaping was already done suprisingly for the beginning of the season. I met and talked to about 30 or so ACE and other coaster enthusiasts I know! In all this had to have been the best opening day ever!!!! Can't wait for CP much for short =c) C-ya at the parks!!!!!

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Saturday, May 4, 2002 7:39 PM
I'm glad you had a good time! You really can tell that this year's employee's are different, probably because of the near zero-tollerence policy when it comes to team members doing things they aren't supposed to do. For example, several people were fired on the spot for sleeping during morning orientation.

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