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Sunday, May 13, 2001 7:57 PM
I'll make this as quick as our stay at SFWoA.
I really hope that the service and ride safety continues at this park throughout the season, because this is a pretty good park, to say the least. I haven't been here in 15 years, so here goes:
My friend Glen and I arrived at 9:30 to get an exit pass and wheel chair for him for the day (he blew out his achilles tendon playing hoops 3 weeks ago). Great weather and no one in the park. Got a great workout pushing him around.
The rides:
Superman: Ultimate Escape: I can't explain this ride, but maybe this will help. "Picture your science teacher popping a few Viagra before teaching the class a lesson on Magnetics." The thrust is amazing. And the decision for front or back is this: Front all the way....WOW! The spiral is the wierdest thing I have encountered on my trips in coasterdom. Technology is so cool.

Mind Eraser: Is a normal boomerang.
Big Dipper: Average woodie
Raging Wolf Bobs: Above average woodie, great laterals on the banked turns.
Serial Thriller: My first Suspended Invert and it was real good. I loved how the track is so close to your feet on the twists.
Double loop: uh....yea...Glen and I talked baseball (Barry Bonds vs. Roberto Clemente) the entire lap.

Now, onto the classics, so to speak (they will soon be)...
The Villian: WOW! Great pacing, airtime and laterals all wound up into a great layout. The speed and airtime in the front seat is incredible, the back seat was wild and crazy. Besides the Beast and the Wildcat (HP), this is an outstanding woodie. Plus, the thing that stuck with me is that it's so smooth, the train just glides on the track. My first CCI also and it's well worth all the hype. 4 laps.
Batman: My first Floorless and now I know why I'm falling in love with B&M. This is another engineering marvel. The first turn after the loop 25 feet above ground and the last 180 helix at the end pushed my facial skin back....I made Phyllis Diller look young... The inversions are perfect. I almost loved it as much as the Raptor and Montu with the exception that we were sitting. And by far, the best Theming in the park for a coaster. 4 laps.
The Park: Where did all of the standing water come from?? The service was stacking and plenty of smiles from the ops. Can't wait for X-Flight.
Am I going back? oh yes. Great day!

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