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Six Flags over Texas
September 30, 2006
Fright Fest

I went to Six Flags over Texas on 9/30/06 with my school’s Key Club to go to the Key Club rally that was taking place there. We met at my school at 6:40 AM, and ended up leaving about 7:15 because a few people were late. I ended up having to ride in the lead car (we were riding caravan style because we could not afford buses) because no one else had been there in a while, and I have been seven times this year, so I had to give directions.

Three hours later, we arrived at the park. We stood in the parking lot for about 15 minutes so some people could eat lunch. We got into the park, and me and my friends went straight for Titan. We ended up waiting about 20-30 minutes because I wanted to ride in the front seat. After Titan we hit the Casa Magnetica because we got there right when it opened, so I convinced my friends to check it out.

Casa Magnetica was lame as usual. We then went to Wildcatter rode it, and it was awesome. We then headed over to Batman: The Ride and we ran into some of our friends that just left the Key Club Rally because it was so boring. B: TR was about a 20-minute wait, and after that, we headed over the Superman: Tower of Power. We all rode as single riders, so it was a five-minute wait.

Superman was all right, but my friends enjoyed it more then me, and then we headed over to Shockwave that was as good as it always is, but after Titan, it did not seem that good. We then grabbed some food at Newman’s, and then got in line for Texas Giant much against my will. We waited about 30 minutes for TG, and the whole time I tried to convince my friends to get out of line, but it was to no avail. I rode in the third car, row one with my friend, and my two other friends sat behind us. After the second drop, my friend was apologizing to me for not believing how bad the ride was. When we got off the ride, I felt like I needed a chiropractor, and so did all my friends. That was the worst ride I have ever had on TG. If that ride just happened to burn down I would not care as long they replaced it with a Gravity Group wooden coaster. Does anyone know why PTC coasters age so badly?

Next up was Skull Duggery; a haunted house/trail kind of thing. It cost $5, but I have heard some good things about this one, so I gladly paid the price. The whole thing was just stupid, and was easily a waste of money, and the best part was the fact that no one ever checked our tickets to make sure we paid, so we really could have just walked on without paying. After that, we headed back to Titan, and then rode the train to Boomtown where I bought my Six Flags Fright Fest souvenir cup that was $10. We then went to the Studio 13 haunted house and paid another $5, but this time only one of my friends was willing to pay, so my two other friends waited for us.

Studio 13 was very much worth the price, I almost went through it again, and they actually check our tickets. After Studio 13, we ran into some more people that we knew, and then we all headed over to Titan for our final ride of the night.

We met at the carousel at 7:30, and then we left. We stopped at a gas station/sonic on the way back, and we got home at about 11:30.

18 wheels, and they all missed
TG isn't a PTC woddie,it's a Summers & Dinn design,like MS & SOB TG is a perfect example of why woodies shouldn't be built above the 150 ft height range...that & it's in an SF park so go figure.
Oh, my bad. I guess I should have checked on that. I could have swore that it was a PTC coaster, oh well.

18 wheels, and they all missed
Hey. Remember the Voyage? That is a smooth coaster from what I've heard and it's above 150 feet tall. Taer down TG. Taer it down. It's nice that Wildcatter is operating again. Great tr man.

John Moore

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