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Saturday, February 2, 2002 6:52 PM
 The last day of my three day trip out to Southern California...

 I like Six Flags Magic Mountain quite a lot. I have never had a bad time there, and the ride they have are great IMO.  When I first heard about X being installed there, the first thoughts in my mind wasn't " Someday I will get back out there to ride X", but rather, " When is my flight taking off so I can go ride X?".

 Having seen X test last August while visiting the park for a few hours pretty much made me decide I was going to come back out as soon as that machine opened. So, to make a long story short, the whole mini-trip I did these 3 days was based all around Six Flags Magic Mountain and X.  Sure, Knott's and DCA were great fun as always, but there was a main reason for me going out there.

 Barry Short, Ron Rockwood, Chris Murray, Ric Tuner, and a few other enthusiasts including myself quickly made our way to X as soon as the gates were open.  With each step I made towards the ride, my heat beat increased rapidly.  Could that be due to the long uphill walk to the ride?  Possibly, but I think it was more due to the antipation of riding something so amazing.

 Once we arrived at the entrance for the ride, I became a bit nervous. Mind you I wasn't scared to ride X, but rather excited about not knowing what to expect. I was also amazed to see that the quene line passes right near the boomerang element on Viper. Only yesterday did it seem that element was far away from anything else, surrounded by desert-type land.

  As soon as we were let into the line, we followed the path until we came to where there was two areas to go. Should we go with the straight path, or the right one? Ron and I quickly headed up the straight path, where Barry and Chris went to the right.  As soon as we entered the station, my jaw hit the floor at the first sight of the amazing looking contraption known as the X train.

 There is simply nothing else like it out there. The train is WIDE, long, and visually striking. I started to shake a bit knowing that I was going to be in the clutches of this beast in a few minutes.  Ron and I quickly made it to the front of the train where we would be the first to go over the lift.  There were two other groups in front of us. Watching these groups go ahead of us only increased the anticipation. It was our turn next. We looked over to the other side and noticed Barry and Chris getting into the train before ours. I also noticed Jeff Johnson and girlfriend Christel waving to us from across the other side. Jeff and I travel quite a bit together so he knows how important a ride like this is to me.

 Our train pulls in...

The air gates open...

Ron and I step towards the train...

 Ladies and gentlemen..... I give you....

--X-- (#393)

 As soon as Ron and myself sat down in the seats, we both commented on how comfortable the seats felt. The head cushion felt pillow like, and the restratins didn't feel bad at all. Getting into them reminded me of getting into the top restraints of the TOGO stand-up coasters....only different.

 As soon as a ride op checked our restraints, we were tilted back a bit so our feet were not touching the ground. Ron and I were TOTALLY freaked out by this time, but it was all good. Another quick check and then....


 We were off!

 We left the station, around a curve where we got our first taste of the movement of the seats. There is some minor rocking going on during this turn that adds to the excitment.  Before hitting the lift, we were then tilted onto our backs. This caught us both off guard because I didn't know about it.

 As we made our way of the lift, we were slowly tilted into a position that would let us look at the park from way above. Everything looked great!

"Wow! This lift is pretty long Ron"

" I know. When are we going to be at the top?"

"I don't know, Ron. I am going to enjoy this though. I am keeping my hands and arms sticking out as far in front of me as they will go"

" Not me! This is too freaky"

We started to crest the lift. We went over the pre-drop in a almost upside down postion.

Then it happend....

"HOLY S#!T!!!!!!!"

 We both collectively said some 'choice words' as we were rotated onto our stomachs as we plummeted down what can only be described as THE first drop. Halfway down the drop, we were rotated onto our backs to absorb all the powefull g's at the bottom of the drop.  A word about this drop. It is like NOTHING I have felt before. To be honest, it really didn't feel like a drop. It was so much more. It was scary, fun, crazy, smooth, and very, very, VERY steep, but it didn't feel natural.  Perhaps I am wording it wrong, but I don't know how I can describe it. It feels so.............wrong I guess, but at the same time, it feels AWESOME!

 Rocketing up to the heavens we went and at the same time were rotated onto our stomachs once again as we ripped through the first Raven Turn.  I glanced over at Ron and he also had his arms and legs out.  We rocket back down towards earth before heading into what looks like a nice float hill, but the view wouldn't last for long. As we started into the element, we were rotated backwards to do a complete back-flip.  Once again, I can't descrive how this felt.  It is SO confusing.

 Out of the back-flip and into the "Lazy Boy" position for a turn above the station. This is the only part of the ride where I could kind of figure out what was going on. That wouldn't last for long because we dove down towards the ground again before being wisked into one of the best roller coaster elements I have ever had the pleasure of going through.

  We enter this element in the forward postion, but the train decides it wants to flip over, so as the train is flipping over, we rotate without going upside down, and exit the element facing backwards at the seats behind us.  It is a VERY confusing element and caught me off guard BIG TIME!

 Once again, we rocket down, then up into the 2nd Raven Turn, this time on the outside of the element. There is a nice snap at the top of the element as we were rotated on our stomachs once again for the ride down. As soon as we are near ground level, the train decides it wants to play another trick on us and rotates us to the backward postiion once more before hitting the ultra smooth magnetic braking.

 "OH..........................MY...........................GOD!! X Marks the spot!"

  After watching X test in August, I thought I would have some minor idea on what it would feel like.  Boy was I wrong! It TOTALLY blew me away and I could not wait to ride it again. Both Ron and I didn't stop laughing the entire ride.   It looks like SFMM may have a winner on their hands with this ride.

 As we exited the ride, I honestly could not speak clearly. I was in total shock at what had just happend. Only one thing was very clear in my mind at this time. Tha being I HAD to ride this again as soon as possible.

 Chris suggested we purchase a Fast Lane ticket so we could get right back on. I wasnt' sure if I wanted to do that or not because I am not the largest fan of the Fast Lane system.  However, I agreed and we soon had our tickets and headed up the Fast Lane lane to ride X again. While there was no wait for the lane, it still took us 40 minutes to get on the ride because of a obviously misused wheel chair policy where 15 people (who were NOT in wheel chairs or injured looking) were allowed to ride in our row first.

  We decided to try the back row this time. Barry sat on the inside, where I sat on the outside.  A play by play is not needed again, but I will say I found the back to be rougher, but in a good way. I also think my restrait was too loose so remember to have it snug before you leave the station because it WON'T go down once you leave. I was thrown around quite a bit because of the room I had in my restraint. The ride was still amazing though.

 To be honest, I don't remeber what order we did everything else so I will just comment on the rides we did for the rest of the day.

- Flashback-

 I really want to like this ride but because of the akward trains, and the nice jab to the jaw I got on the second dive turn, I can pass this one up next time. I really want to know how to ride it because I do want to like it.

-Superman: The Escape-

 Yes, I call it a coaster. Sue me.  The locals we were with seem to not like the ride very much but I really enjoy it. This time the ride operator didn't staple me so I actualy got some amazing floatage at the top. Ron however didn't care for the ride because he was stapled and didn't float.  Also, because I have done more intense launches recently, Superman's launch didn't seem to have the 'crunch' it had when I first rode it 2 years ago. It still is a great ride though.

-Deja Vu (#394)

 We waited over an hour for this. As luck would have it, Barry and I were sent to what the locals call the best seats on the coaster.....row 16.  The last outside seats. This is another ride I really want to like but the boomerang element gave me some serious jolting. I was really fighting it.  The train was moving really slow since it was chilly out, so perhaps that had something to do with it. The spikes on the ride really impressed me, but the boomerang in both directions kind or provided a unplesant ride for me. Perhaps I will ride it on a warmer day to see how it feels then? Until then, I think I could pass it up.

 -Riddler's Revenge-

 One of my favorite stand-up coasters. The layout is more drown out then some of the other big boys, but it has similar intensity, and it seems to last for a long time. Another smooth B&M wonder.

- Gold Rusher-

 One of the more unique mine rides. Very long layout and a trip UNDER Superman! Also, you go underwater twice! =:^)

 I think that is all the coasters I rode. I had been to the park a few times before so I had ridden everything else. We wanted to get one more ride on X so we quickly did some X shopping, then proceeded to use our last Fast Lane tickets to get a night ride on X.

 "Sorry folks. You can't use those anymore We stop using them at 5:30pm"

  We were bummed. It was 5:35 and we had missed it by 5 minutes. While it does mention the 5:30 cut-off time on the ticket, it should be mentioned verbally before you get the ticket in your hand.  We went down to the booth we purchased the tickets to see if there was sign posted stating the cut-of time. 

 While there was a sign, it was in the other open area of the booth, opposite where we walked into so we didn't see it. =:^( The X line was near 3 hours by this time so we passed. If I didn't have a early morning flight to catch the next morning, I would have waited I think.

 Anyway, that didn't stop us from having a great day at SFMM. I got two rides on X, and that is all that counted for me.  I had a great time on this trip, and that was enhanced by the amazing people I was with including, Barry Short, Ron Rockwood, Ric Tuner, Jeff Johnson, Kristel, Robb Alvey, Greg Galley  and a few others I met for the first time like Karl DeAngelo, Tom Zellif, Tony Milano, and Wes Lagatolla.  Also, this trip would not have happend for me if it wasn't for the ultra cool hospitallity of Chris and Tim Murray for letting us crash at their place. You guys rock!

 I know I am forgetting some people so I am sorry if I didn't mention your name (still high from X a week later).

Until then,

 Thanks for reading.


Saturday, February 2, 2002 7:35 PM
Excellent trip report!  Pretty much sums up my first date with X. Glad you had fun in my neck of the woods Now it's time for me to get out to yours.  ;)
I'm a reasonable man, get off my case, get off my case. -Radiohead(Amnesiac)
Saturday, February 2, 2002 8:40 PM
With no one having anything bad to say about X, I'm really starting to think that a SoCal trip in 2002 is not optional.

Great TR!

Jeff - Webmaster/Admin -,
"As far as I can tell it doesn't matter who you are. If you can believe, there's something worth fighting for..." - Garbage, "Parade"

Sunday, February 3, 2002 9:39 AM
Many thanks guys!

 I had a great time in your neck of the woods DWeaver. I always enjoy it out that way.

 Jeff, I have a feeling you will love X.  I am just curious to see where the next one goes. =:^)


Sunday, February 3, 2002 4:14 PM
SFMM is truly a specticale now! You didn't ride Viper, B:TR, Collossus, Pysclone, or Goliath and you still had a great day!!
Tuesday, February 5, 2002 2:48 PM


 Actually, I did ride Goliath. I don't know why I didn't include it in my TR. Unlike a few of the others we were with, I like Goliath. It's my kind of coaster. I love speed and positive g's so I find Goliath to be a amazing ride.

 As for the other coasters, well I have ridden them before and since time was short, I decided to skip them.



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