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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 11:10 PM
I left my house at 1030 expecting a long day, which it was, but fun. I picked up a friend and we headed for Hershey for the Annoncement of their 2002 coaster. After the press conference we picked up two more friends from HersheyPark and departed alittle after 12 for our trip.

Stop 1. Dorney Park
We arrived at Dorney Park alittle after 1. We got into the park free with our HersheyPark employee passes. We headed directly for Talon. It was almost a walk on with a two train wait.
We then headed for Hercules and i don't hate this coaster but i'm not willing to wait for this ride when its down the steps with one train running so we skipped it. We next headed to THawk which was also a walk on. We rode in the middle. Finally we rode Steel Force. It had a two train wait. we rode in the back car. While riding i was disappointed to see that indeed the land moving in the dry lake is indeed for a parking lot. After an hour or so we left the park.
Stop 2 KFC
We arrived at the KFC by GA arond 415 so we decided to eat a late lunch/early supper before entering the park and paying alot.
Stop 3 SFGrtAdv
We then drove the mile or so to Six Flags. Again we entered the park free with our employee pass. Right after entering a lady walks up to us with Fast Pass tickets for Medusa at 8 and Nitro at 9.
We first go and play some games to let the food digest. Finally after walking around we decide to ride Houdini's. Well after our cycle the bars won't release so we start on a second cycle but stop it short to release us. Next we walk over the ride Skull Mtn. Its pretty much a walk on, one train wait for the back. I've ridden this coaster alot and the first drop still catches me off guard. Its almost 8 now so we head for Medusa. We head up the fast lane entrance and to my surprise row 7, second to last is the fast line row, the ride was very smooth, earlier this summer i thought Medusa was starting to age, but this ride was really smooth, with some airtime i don't think i've experienced on this coater before.
We next walked over towards Nitro but with an hour to kill was gonna ride the Chiller but it was broke as with alot of rides today so we opted for Pendulum. This is a great flat ride. So it was almost 9 so we went over to Nitro and went up the fast lane entrance, the regular line was out the queue so i was thinking about a 45 min wait. The fast lane row was row two so we rode Nitro. This ride just rocks, especially at night.
After Nitro we go ride Batman the Ride. This was about a twenty min. wait. We rode second to the back. This ride is really flying this summer too. Its now about 920 and we still have two Nitro Fast Lane tickets left so we again ride Nitro row 2. You can't beat 2 Nitro and 1 Batman rides in 20 Minutes. Its almost 10 now so we play a few games and leave. Here's the list of rides i saw broke during my 5+ hours there. BtR, The Chiller, Free Fall, Evolution, Spin Meister, Houdini's, Viper, Rodeo, and Chaos
Stop 4 Hooters

We made a stop at Hooters at King Prussia. Actually we parked at the McDonalds rest stop and walked to Hooters.
We finally got back to Hershey alittle after 2 with a great day behind us.

Coaster rides-8
B&M coaster rides-5
Total Money for park admission-$0
I'd say it was a good day
Thursday, August 9, 2001 7:54 AM
When you say broke, did you mean they were actually running? Because as far as I know, Evolution and Viper are Standing But Not Operating. By the way the words are spelled "a little" and "a lot". Just thought you should know.

Batwing-Bow Down

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Thursday, August 9, 2001 9:52 AM
what was the annoucment at hersey park for 2002
Thursday, August 9, 2001 11:13 AM
Water Coaster made by Setpoint.

My favorite Coaster is named after Poop, and I actually like Boomerangs! What is wrong with me?

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