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Thursday, May 16, 2002 5:20 AM
'Ello Coaster Fans Who Are Wondering I This Ran Is Ever Going To Stop,

I'll sum the trip up first with sayings of the day (most of these brought to you by Jeff), then go into details:

Sean! Put those Wheels Out! They're on Fire!!
Everyone got a cookie?
Look, here's the lovely model for Flight of Fear (in reference to some sort of coffee container.)
This is your first time on this ride! You LOVE this ride! You're EXCITED!!
This is your first time on this ride! You LOVE this ride! You're EXCITED!!
This is your first time on this ride! You LOVE this ride! You're EXCITED!!
This is your first time on this ride! You LOVE this ride! You're EXCITED!!
Now say that 20 more times ;c)
Never mind the man behind the lady.
So how do you guys like the new stealth paint on King Cobra?
Do you think they'll notice the suit?

There was a lot more by many people but I'll just go onto the trip report :C)

Let me first say how GREAT PKI was to everyone and how I had a GREAT time talking to enthusiasts and meeting a ton of faces!! Thanks PKI & Sean!! I woke up at 3:30am to jump in my car. Unfortunately my fiance was sick so she couldn't go with me. After a 3:30min trip from Akron, I made it down there. We quickly found out that things quickly were changed around for the shoot. We would no longer be filming Tomb Raider but SOB. I wasn't to sure about this, but...Hey what enthusiasts would turn down a coaster? After some quick forms we were off.

This year Travel Channel was using "Pen Cameras." Compared to last year's DC shoot of High Definition and surround sound. The got the train set up in about 2 hours and after that we had A LOT of rides!! I won't go into details about the angles, but let me say they spared no expense! There will be a TON of angles you have never seen before of SOB!!

For the first couple of rides we got a few minutes in between, but towards the end of the ride, they practically were rolling us through the station! I got to ride quite a few different seats, front back, wheels, middle, etc...The first few rides weren't bad at all (neither were the rest). SOB started slow, but let me tell you, by the end of the shoot this thing was BEYOND out of control. It was intense, G packed galore, and laterals everywhere! To a normal person this thing is going to be a walk in the park after one ride, but after around 20 rides...I can tell you, I have HUGE bruises on my thighs! It was kinda funny because it was fun seeing how much a true enthusiast could handle. I don't even think it was really the ride. Since they raised the floor to push your kneess up, most tall people have to cross their legs. I don't think after talking to everyone that anyone 6ft. up didn't have to cross their legs. It was kind of like Mine Ride at CP. Not bad for a few rides, but after sitting in the same position...To say the least, it was a ton of fun. And everyone had a great time in between rides and on the ride.

PKI also provided us lunch, in which the cookies ruled (I never got to eat cookies on a roller coaster before). They also gave everyone a free PKI ticket which was unexpected and VERY nice of them to do!

I got home around 8pm and found out I got food poisoning from unnamed place on the way home...that wasn't any fun at all. So I have to miss this morning's shoot :-( Sorry Sean, PKI, and all fans! Shawna and I will definetly be back down there tomorrow for Tomb Raider! Can't wait for that, and see everyone around at the parks!!

"The Future of Roller Coasters"

Thursday, May 16, 2002 8:27 AM

GREAT TRs RCG & Sean!! Yesterday was truly Incredible!! A Huge Thanks to PKI, The Travel Channel and Sean for letting us know about this great opprotunity.

RCG those are GREAT quotes!! Jeff was Great entertainment and added to the fun and excitement of the day.

I knew about the switch from TR to SoB beforehand so this wasn't a surprise to me. And as much as I LOVE TR I am very happy with the way things turned out. I think SoB made it a lot more fun and also allowed everyone to get to know eachother better. It may have been harder to talk to everyone with the way TR is set up.

I am very glad I got to meet so many people and make some new Friends. I can't wait to see everyone again!!

It was a *GREAT* Day and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Bruises and all ;)

Saturday, May 18, 2002 11:17 AM


Glad you had a good time. Julie, it was nice meeting you and Tim also. Out of the three days of shooting, I think that one was the best. I still can't believe how insane the coaster was running. Great quotes!



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