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Sunday, May 5, 2002 10:05 PM

Well I took my second trip to PKI on Saturday May 4th. I had a really good day. I'm not going to go into detail, but just going to give my thoughts, and let ya all know how my day went.

Arrived at the park around 12:30pm, and stayed until closing. First ride of day was Racer (Backwards) Wow was this running really well, loved it, also went around and rode the frontwards side. I fell backwards is running better then forwards. After I rode Racer I went over and rode Vortex, in my favorite seat 7-1 I love the feeling of being pulled over the lift, it was cool cause I got to see alot of my old crew members, remember I used to be a PKI Ride Op for 3 years, and I was on Vortex/Action Theater in 2001. After Vortex I decided it was time to try the New Beast, well I must say, the ride has changed, for the best, or for the worse i'm not sure, but the breaks really do grab you, and you can feel it, kinda reminded me of Mean Streak just not as bad. But The Beast is still a great ride, and i'm sure the speeds are probably still the same, just with the skid breaks, you slowed down slowy with the fins/magnatic you slow down quicker. After The Beast I decided it was time to eat, so I headed over to Wings and had lunch. After Lunch I decided to try out TR:TR for the first time, waited 1.5 hrs, which was a long line, but I felt it the ride was cool, I don't think I would wait 1.5 hrs to ride it again, but the first time, it was well worth it. The effects were cool during the ride part, and the mist was really cool too. After TR:TR I went and re-rode some other rides. Son of Beast is still running really well, rode this twice.

I tell ya what, don't ever go to an amusement park, when they are groups of young teenagers taking over the park. They were a bunch of Junior High Choir students there this weekend, and I encouterd some really crazy teenagers. While I was in line for Tomb Radier, this group of girls were flipings icees, with the spoons, and they got some on my shirt, I was really upset about that. And then at about 9:40 I decided to take a night ride on SOB, well they were no line, until you got up to the station, and they were these girls behind me, making rude comments to me, saying can I walk a little faster things like that. And they tried to cut in front of me. It was crazy, that made me mad too. But I got to ride SOB in the fireworks so that was cool. But other then that it was a pretty good day at the park. I'm planning on making my next visit on May 24th.


Sunday, May 5, 2002 11:28 PM

I know what you mean. I hate bastard little kicks who are jerks and try to cut. Sorry you had to go through that. But glad you got good rides out of it.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2002 3:14 PM
Man do I know what you mean. When I went on April 20 for my second time it was Band Goon day, but their not as preppy as the choir people so it wasn't as bad I'm sure.

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