TR-PKI May 25th ( very long, pics included )

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Saturday, June 1, 2002 10:34 AM

1st let me note, I didnt take many pictures of the rides and the ones I did didnt turn out great, the vortex is completely dark which bummed me out considering I ran from the exit to the Kodak picture point to snap a quick pic of the coaster going thru the loop....I wont include the pictures that didnt turn out I included the links to each picture, but in case you wanted to see how the post orginally looks, please go here

Anyways lets get on with the TR

The day started out quite nice, although there was a chance of storms through the day. We arrived at the park around 9:30 and headed towards the rivertown section of the park and waited for the garden clock to strike 10. While waiting, I decided to snap a picture of the good ole Kings Island landmark.

Anyways, soon we was on our way to experience our 1st ride of the day, The Beast. Most of the people headed towards Tomb Raider and the line was all the way to the pond, by the patio. For some reason they was doing extra testing on the Beast. The ride didnt open until almost 10:30, but it didnt matter, we had a 2 train wait and soon we was going up the 1st lift hill. This being my g/f's 1st experience on a real roller coaster ( thunder run and vampire @ sfkk dont count in my opinion ) Anyways, she was scared out of her wits while I was screaming my head off enjoying this classic woodie. I did notice the new braking and it seemed very out of place. It didnt make sense why they needed to slow the Beast down so much. Well after that and purchasing my on ride photo ( sorry dont have a scanner so that wont be included )

We then headed to Tomb Radier

The lines wasnt really that bad, I would say maybe a 40 minute wait. The interaction or lack of while waiting in line was pretty boring. I thought maybe if one of the stone monkeys would have moved that would be neat. Soon we entered the actual ride chamber, I was amazed at how huge the actual ride was, and excited since this was my 1st time riding a Top Spin. The room was mostly dark although I could see the god statue and the spikes at top. When the ride started we started to lift towards the spikes or stagilictes ( I cant spell that word lol ) while they dripped water on us for a good 30 seconds, then god started to say something ( I was enjoying the ride not payin attention to the gibbersh it was saying ) The ride flipped us upside down a few times and swung up and down to the point I didnt know what side was up! The next thing I knew we was hanging upside down being lowered to the red colored water that was sprayin water towards us AKA The Lava Pit. It felt like we was going to fall out and alot of people was screaming, it was so cool. What seemed like forever, but I'm sure maybe 20 seconds or so, the ride flipped us upside down a few times, which was the best part until it returned to the normal postion and came to a rest as smoke began to fill the room.

The comments was all postive about this ride and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Before leaving the Rivertown section we decided to snap a picture of me and my g/f in front of the jeep.

Well we was all hungry so we decided to stop by Wings. I heard about this being a BBQ pit and it was more like a very expensive cafe style restraunt. Very disappointed and 27 dollars poorer, we then finished our beers and ribs, then headed towards the front of the park to get a map.

While visting stores, I decided to snap a picture of my brother posing by the water.

While waiting for the forward racers, someone threw up on it and they closed it down, so we decided to get a quick ride on Adventure Express. Still a great mine ride and I was surprised that the temple gods was actually beating on the drums! Still has the worst finish ever!! lmao!

Afterwards we marveled at the loss of the King Cobra and watched the sling shot a few times....whew is that scary or what?!

After a quick bathroom break and a brother & brother picture pose moment. then knew it was time to experience Son of Beast, but not before snapping a picture of that hill.

Whew that looks like a monster! My g/f wasnt very excited to ride that, especially after I explained it has the highest lift hill out of any coaster in the park.

Anyways we hopped in lines and while waiting...I took another picture!

This is when our day starts to change, we was the very next train to board when the train on the brake run becomes stuck. One train stuck on the run and one stuck going up the lift hill ( but I am sure they stopped that one due to the train being stuck on the brake run ) A voice came over the PA, SOB is experience a tech problem, a short delay is expected. Well after 4 mechanics, 3 high ups and a queue full of antsy people. They completely shut down the ride. The mechanics was trying to push the train off the brake run but it wouldnt budge. They had about 6 people trying to push it when it began to move everyone jumped back into line cheering only for it to get stuck again. Again a voice come over the PA, only to tell us SOB will be closed for awhile. We decided to leave and ride Top Gun since we was right next to it. After a 30 minute wait, we boarded this great Arrow Suspended coaster...while coasting next to SOB and seeing that it was still stuck on the brake run ( feel sorry for those people specially on the lift hill cause it was getting hot! ) I started to yell at them to fix it! Anyways Drop Zone was closed due to getting its cables replaced and wouldnt be open at all today...oh well. We then decided to cool off on Congo Falls....ahh that was nice and refreshing!

We then looked at Face Off and the entire queue was packed and I knew it would be a long wait, so we passed on that for now. Still being bummed about SOB breaking down, we then decided well lets try the Racers again, but this time backwards. The airtime was decent, I think I gained too much weight so I didnt get the airtime I did when I was younger. We lost...but who cares it was fun. After that we headed towards Flight of Fear, the outside queue was nearly filled which I've never seen that happen, but I told my group who has never rode this that it is worth it!

So this was the longest wait, atleast a hour and 20 minutes. I saw that preshow so many times I could puke! It was worth though, now that there are lapbars it was so smooth and a blast. We felt alittle groggy and the sun was bright since we was inside for so long. We then headed towards the Beer Garden to refresh our batteries.

Picture time...
Sister in law, Brother and of course me sippin on a brew.

I guess this is what happens when you ride Flight of Fear and drink two beers...This picture made me crack up when I saw ok big bro? lol
Me and Niki chillin out at the beer garden

and last but not doing what I do best...

Ok enough beer drinking, after that I noticed SOB was running again so we ran over to that and waited in a brief 30 minute wait. When we got to the loading station, our women decided that they had to use the bathroom to bad and was going to skip...CHICKENS, well I agreed I had to use the bathroom too but nothing was going to stop me from riding this, besides if I had a lil accident I just go stand on the bridge of Congo Falls and no one will notice.

Ok so we board and the lap bar pushing into my bladder doesnt help at all, but we are on our way. Wow is this lift hill high or what??!! Soon we are blasting down the 218 ft drop screamin the entire way, the loop was awesome and was easily the best ride so far of the day! We bought some on ride photos and ran to see the smirking women mad cause we was high fiving each other and just bursting out the seams how awesome it was. Well at this point, the dark storm clouds started to move in and lighting was starting. I told everyone that we should head to Phantom Theater specially since its in its last year at the park.

On the way alot of people was heading out of the park, people coasting by with strollers making a mad dash to the exit. Of course...I took some pictures

ahhh I just missed the lighting bolt by Face Off

Anyways, we hop on Phantom Theater, I tried to take a picture...

After we exited the ride, we came out to notice quite a down pour...lots of lighting and heavy wind, so we waited it out in the exit of the ride..

Yes...I did take a picture

After about 30 minutes of this, it finally let up and we ventured out to see if we could grab a ride on Beast for my 1st night ride ever. It was about 8:30 at this point.

Looked up and saw the clearing so I took a picture

Well where did everyone go?? The park was just about empty..which is a good waits. Sadly the Beast was reserved for Gold Pass Members only and closed at 8. Not in my right mind, I didnt think to go up there and see if we could still get a ride since it rained and everyone left almost.

We didnt though, we remembered that we didnt get to ride Vortex, so we headed towards the looping coaster. The chaser lights was on, but nothing going....We got in line anyways and was able to grab a front seat. After 7 test runs, they opened it up and wow...1st seat was awesome going down the hill, when we got on the lift hill where the braking is, right before the corkscrew, the coaster seemed as if it slowed to a near stop and I was thinking, is this thing going to have enough juice to make it through??

Well of course it did. Afterwards we then ran back to action zone to see if the girls would ride SOB. Yep they sure did! They loved it, so I didnt get to ride Beast in the dark, but I did get to ride SOB in the dark...I'm sure it doesnt compare but it was awesome.

After that we noticed there wasnt a wait for Face Off, so we got on and screamed our heads off. Then something happened...I dont know what, but I think my head said...whoa Mike, you just rode 3 roller coasters in a 20-30 minute time period excuse me while I make you feel extremely dizzy. I wasnt the only one, the entire group felt dizzy and out of it after face off.

I died...I mean laid down on a bench to rest my head, until I remember the park was about to close and I didnt want to miss the firework show..

Any pictures taken after the rain didnt turn was dark or I was too dizzy to make sure the flash was on...Dont know which one

Anyways, the firework show...What happened to this great event??!!

The fireworks was over by the vortex and we was in International Street by the Tower and the fireworks hardly cleared the trees by Paramount Story...what a rip off!! I remember the fireworks was behind the tower and got as high as the tower sometimes. I asked a clerk in one of the stores who was acting like a idiot, taking about needing h20 for his cup and something about limp bizkit, I wasnt payin attention, but he did say for some reason they are doing the fireworks by the vortex and they suck now...his exact words...after some weird comments and me becoming nervous thinking this guy pulled a double shift and maybe wasnt in his right mind, we headed out and back to the hotel room...

Congrats that you read all of deserve something, but hey atleast you didnt have to type that all out...whew...1st sorry for being long, but there was alot to say....2nd I can only imagine if you have a 56k modem, the pictures must have took forever to download. Anyways...not a bad day...1st thought the rain would end our day short, but actually ended up helping us ride more rides. No Drop Zone, only one water ride and ZERO flats...not bad...but I could go again you better believe that.
Hope I did alright on my 1st trip report....

I'm out


Saturday, June 1, 2002 10:53 AM
Great TR/Pics!

Albany Entertainment:

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 8:44 PM
Dude man, you need to be a reporter!!

A Soon To Be Kings Island Employee

Thursday, June 6, 2002 6:53 AM
CPLady's avatar Great report. Never having been to PKI before (will be there this weekend for CBCon!), it was nice to see the pics included to give me a better "feel" for the park!

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