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Thursday, June 28, 2001 4:28 PM
Arrived at the park shortly after 10 A.M. First up, Drop Zone. What can a person say about being dropped from so high so fast. WHEW! My girlfriend and I had decided to hit it first as there was a MASSIVE line for SOB. After DZ, we went on over to Face Off for a 10 min wait max. We decided to hit SOB as the line had shrunken considerably to a 20 minute or so wait. I just love SOB. I'm a sucker for first drops on any ride and SOB delivers rather well. After tackling Sonny it was over to Top Gun. I decided to work my video camera bag into the front car with us and managed to do a POV on the ride. Never knew how hard it was to get a still picture untill now. NEVER ATTEMPT THIS. It just isn't worth trying. I didn't get caught or lose my camera but I won't do it again. Off to FOF, WOW what an improvement. It was about an hour long wait but really worth it. The ride broke down while we were in line and took about 15 minutes to fix. Still worth the wait though. Racers were next as I needed to get some additional numbers in my track record. There's something to be said for traveling backwards on a coaster. Adventure Express was next with no wait. Two little girls (about 12-14 yrs old) decided it would be cute to cut right in front of me and my girlfriend into a walk-on ride with other empty cars. I told her, "Um, excuse me..that was way wrong." She got out of the car and moved to a car behind us. Not that I wasn't above getting into another car since there was empty ones but it just really torked me up that she and her little buddy cut in front of me. Off to Vortex now. Paint job is coming along VERY nicely. It will look so good when it's totally finished. After several laps on Vortex, we went of to The Beast for a real awesome ride. RRR was a treat next. Pretty intense and WAY CUTE for kids. Beastie was just another number and then it was off to do re-rides of everything. One of the ride ops on The Beast was REALLY workin' his buns off to get those trains cycled as fast as possible. He was really into his job and had the crowd pumped up. Last ride of the night was SOB in the front seat. We almost got cut out of line to fill the remaining lines but were fortunate enough to make it on the last train. I was screaming at everyone on that train, "C'mon I wanna hear you all make some noise". It was so awesome, I lost my voice later on that night. Totally worth it. Great day at PKI, can't wait to go back.

God please let SFKK get something this year. ANYTHING!!
Thursday, June 28, 2001 4:40 PM
COOL! Sounds like you had a blast. I (beleive it or not) have actually looked forward to more visits, now that FOF is an OUTSTANDING ride. Plus there's my buddies Vortex (thank GOD they're painting it), Cobra, and Gun. Looks like I'll be there the 4th for those great fireworks!
Scale model coasters and rides.....

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