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PCW TR: May 7, 2005

“It was the best of times, It was the worst of times”

That pretty sums up my day at PCW today. I decided at the last minute to head up to the park as it was just too nice out to stay at home. So, I leave the house at 1pm and arrive up to wonderland just around 2:15pm. Not bad timing if you ask me considering it was all public transit.

Upon arriving at the park I was greeted with something I had never seen before. There was a line roughly 30/45 minutes in length just to get through the metal detectors. Now, I am all for the safety so I had no problem waiting, however, the way this was being handled by security and staff was not all the organized. There were 4 detectors for anyone with a season pass or an e-ticket and about 4 or 5 for people without passes or ones buying passes. In total I counted roughly another 10 booths that easily could’ve been open to allow more people through but for some reason they were more concerned about other things. I really just found this a poor way to start my day but as I said, I understand why you need the metal detectors so I am not complaining, just wish they had opened more gates.

Once I was in the park about 30minutes later, I decided to check out IJ to see the line. For some reason the park in general was really packed today. I’ve never seen it this busy before this early on in the season but us Canadians know to take advantage of nice weather when we see it because lately, you never know what we’re going to get. Looks like sunny days and warm temps from here on out which is great.

So once I get to IJ I notice a full line, right to the entrance area and I contemplate if I should get in or not. I decide not to, then walk around a bit, and think “what they hey its going to be long all day anyways” I go back to the line and start what would be one hell of a wait. I arrived in the line at about 3:05pm (this is important later on). I notice people leaving the line, figure it was no big deal, but also noticed that I hadn’t seen a train launch in about 5 minutes. They announce that the ride is experience “technical delays” and not sure when it will be back up. So here lies the ultimate dilemma, wait in line or leave and try something else. I opt for waiting because I figure more and more people will leave, and indeed they did. In about an hour I was already through the tunnel and snapping more pics of IJ.

Out of nowhere a test train launches (oh btw all three trains are now at the park but only 2 are running as of now), and then another. We all cheer and clap and celebrate, then it happens, the ride breaks down AGAIN. So, now its been just over an hour and I am at the 30min point in the line, give or take. 30min later the ride starts up again, one, two, three test trains *all with no pyro effects on* and then they start loading. YAY the line is moving naturally again, I opt for the normal line because I know for a fact that single ride line is pointless unless single riders end up in the main entry. I am about to get to the bridge, the train launches, pryos are on again, trains gets to the brake line and then it happens again, the ride is down. GRRRRR, at this point I am starting to get upset, but deicide I am almost there.

Ride starts up again, and seems to be running smooth, pyro, splash down, everything, YAY. I finally get in, take seat 3.2 and off we go. Like PCW_Skyrider I notice more this ride then I did on my first. The air time is great when you don’t hold on, I loved it. Also, during the helicopter scene there’s more water effects going off now on the right hand side. They basically spray the right hand passengers with water more. So, if you want heat, stay on the left, want wetness stay on the right basically. Launch into the tunnel, splash down, and we’re done. Its official, this is now my favorite coaster I’ve been on. There are still no stair effects and still did not notice the fishtailing but its all good. I’ve got on ride video as well and once I find somewhere to post it I will let you. So I finally leave the ride at around 5:50 so basically a 3 hour wait for the ride and it was worth every second.

After that, I walked around the park a bit more, spent a dollar on the water cannon at White Water Canyon for the fun of it, then I head over to Cliffhanger to see how its running this year.

Cliffhanger is indeed running a new cycle this year and I LOVE IT. At one point you are hung upside down right at the bottom and they swing the entire ride back and forth a couple of times. It is truly a new intense element that I love. I cannot wait to ride when the water is in full effect.

That sums up my day. I only wanted to get a couple rides in anyways and some photos which I did. Other then the line for the security and the IJ mishaps, I had a great time. Oh, all of the season pass holders should pick up they plastic souvenir cup this year. $4.99 for the first drink and $0.99 for refills the rest of season. That is a great deal if you ask me. Oh, one thing I forgot, the guy in the Mexican restaurant near the front gate was SOOOO slow and stingy on the toppings for the people in front of it was horrible. Hey latterly was picking up the meat one piece at a time and it was nuts, when she asked for more cheese he put like 2 little shreds of cheese on. For 9 dollars park guests should be able to have food falling off their plates. I’ll never understand the prices of food in parks, its nuts. I guess when you are all the people have to choose from the you can charge anything you want as they will have no choice but to pay.

Well, till next time. Picture and video links will follow sometime soon. Setting up my knew PCW site as you read this so please bare with me. Anyone with good name suggestions for my site please let me know.

- Josh

PCW Josh, not sure if you went on the 6th or 7th, you have both dates in your post.

I was there today, May 7, and had a great experience. We got there about 4:30. We made it through security quickly (certainly no 30 min wait!), but once inside found something I've never seen before. They had posted waits of 60-90 mins to get to a ticket window! Prices for season passes go up on Monday, so I assume that people were rushing to get thier pass for the great early season deal, but it was crazy!

As far as IJ is concerned, we left it until last. We got in the line at 7:10pm (park closing at 8) and started out at the 90 min sign (wait from this point is 90 minutes). We figured we'd wait the wait, since it's a great ride and we wanted to ride it. With only two trains running, we were on and done before 8pm (less than one hour with a full queue). I was thrilled. The ride was running great. The sound was up, the splash down was going and there were some new water effects happening at the helicopter launch.

Another great visit to PCW, but man was the place packed. It's going to be a long summer!

Sorry about that, ya it was the 7th, as in today.

Well, i waited roughly 25minutes to get into the park. It was indeed crazy busy today.

As promised here are my pics from my May 7th trip to PCW.

If anyone is willing to host my video let me know.


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