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PCW May 23, 2005, Trip Report

So this is now my third time going to the park this year and I couldn’t be happier.

After a little traffic delay on the way up (mainly a car that decided to turn itself into a convertible by driving under a semi. can we say ouch?) we finally arrive at the park for about 9am.

We park, get in, chillax a bit and then go to wait with the growing crowd by Skyflier. Our goal was to hit IJST first but that plan was soon averted when the ride was not open. People starting lining up for it from the entrance to the ride all the way back to the arcade. So we passed on that ride saying we’ll come back later. Instead, I decided to take my friend onto Tomb Raider. He never got a chance to ride it last year, not that he was really missing it, so we go over, its not opened right away but after a 2 minute wait it opens. We get on, we suffer, we get off and vow to never do it again, the less said about Tomb Raider the better.

Next up we hit Psyclone and Sledge Hammer. Both of these rides are great, but Psyclone takes the edge for sure. Sledge Hammer looks so much more impressive then it is to ride it. Oh well, still a somewhat fun ride.

After that we walked around, played some games and I won both games. Word of warning, you see me at a park playing the water gun game, stay away because I OWN the water gun games.

We decided to check out the new School Of Rock show. Gotta say, it’s a very well done show. Nothing spectacular but very good vocals especially from the women, WOW, why they aren’t on Canadian Idol I’ll never know. But good show, captured the essence of the movie fairly well.

Grabbed a bite to eat as we starting to get real hungry and then back to IJST we go.

Well, guess what folks, its broken down AGAIN. It’s alright though as we decided to wait it out. We started new the entrance and about 90minute later we were on the ride. Seat 1.1, first time in the front for me, different ride experience for sure, way more airtime. Pyro effects were off but other then that, it’s still a great ride.

I believe that was the end of our day. After that hit Dave and Busters as it’s got a great deal on there now. 18.99 for a $10 play card and a full size entrée dinner. Quite a good bargain as their food is amazing.

Well that’s it, till next time, which will be July 11th, enjoy PCW.


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